21+ most Popular Types of Technology [Updated]

Types Of Technology 

There are lot of types of technology in every field of life. As we said, again and again, technology is everywhere, and progress is proceeding. If you cannot find where the technology is?

Suppose you are reading this article on your computer/mobils. Yes, your computer/mobile is running on electric power. And you have Windows installed on your computer which is an operating system. Moreover, you are using the internet, it is also a technology. Now you are able to see the technique. Will be?

How many total types of technology

So far, you have come to understand that different types of technology surround you. According to Wikipedia information, there are about 56 types which are working in daily life. We are referring to some of these more useful technologies.

What is Technology?

There are many definitions of technology. but in simple terms, the uses and implementation of scientific theories in practical life through a device or machine is technology.

Technology is everywhere to help us, Whether it’s the creation of a machine or the launch of new software.

Suppose you were born in an era when no transportation facility was available? So how is your life? And how do you travel long distances to sit on a back of the camel??

Generally, you may find it strange to think today because you have opened the eyes in today’s modern age. When everything is also updated technology has made life a lot easier. In short, these are the reasons why you are living a comfortable life.

What are the main types of Technology

1. Architecture Technology

The application of modern scientific ideas is called technology to identify buildings and the problems that arise in them. It monitors all aspects of building design, robustness, design, and safety. Just as We use computers in all fields as well as  The computer is improving architecture technology even more.

2. Biotechnology

Biotechnology is the type of technology that helps to create a new product with the help of Biology and living organisms.Moreover, there are additional factors such as molecular biology, bio-engineering, biomedical engineering, bio-manufacturing and molecular engineering. Scientists are widely using Biotechnology in the field of medicine and agriculture for better production.

3. Information Technology

Who is not familiar with Information technology? As we all know, this is the era of computers, and as technology is everywhere, so it is information technology that. This technology is computer and internet-based. Put, there is driving more than half of the world’s business affairs. IT is the use of Computer hardware, software and network for safe storage of data and easy access to information.

4. Communication ( one of the the most useful types of technology)

Who does not know the value of communication nowadays?

Whether it’s exchanging ideas or business conversations by Video Conferencing System, expressing your feelings or downloading some information from the internet, communication is a must. In addition, Telecommunication technology helps provide proper contact arrangements in less time. Thus, It would be right to state that Modern communication technology has laid the foundation for our new world.


The energy sector is doubtlessly one of the most critical areas in the world that can lead to war. Why the energy shortage in the world is rapidly increasing from time to time, conversely the production of energy in all countries is decreasing.
Consequently, If anything helps us in this situation, that is energy technology.

Furthermore, With the help of this technology, our scientists are always trying to find alternative sources of energy.


The type of technology which is used to elaborate space is known as space technology. This type of technology to discover the hidden secrets of technology. Space technology is also used for spacecrafts and satellites.

Going into space, exploring and discovering there has always been a human desire. In modern times science has proven this desire possible with the help of this technology. Furthermore; Space technology is also useful for astronomy and weather conditions

7. Artificial Intelligence

Although, Machines are either controlled by remote or any other controlling device conversely Creating so much potential in the machine that they can work without fault is called Artificial Intelligence. In other words, thinking and judging of a device in a very human way is Artificial Intelligence.

With the help of this technology, man has overcome many of his problems today. Moreover; Artificial intelligence is now being successfully used in various fields, for example, transportation, finance, healthcare, and banking.

8. Robotics

Basically, Robotics is a branch of science in which many branches are accumulating includes Mechanical engineering, electronic engineering, information engineering, computer science and Artificial Intelligence.

Although the basic idea of robotics is to create a machine that can do human alternatives. However; just one technology is not enough to achieve this goal.

9. Internet Of Things (IOT)

Internet of Things is Especially a system that connects many systems and allows them to automate data transfer without any human assistance.
Additionally, This technology includes computers, mechanical machines, digital machines and even accessories. Although, Smart home, smart AC and intelligent refrigerators are all examples of IoT.

10. Environment technology

Specifically, This technical term is used to try to keep the environment clean. But, Green Tech and Clean Tech are its two other names. Basically, Its primary objective is to provide an environment-friendly atmosphere, furthermore; It also receives support from other technologies for this purpose.

11. Hydraulics technology

Hydraulics technology or fluid technology is a combination of chemistry, mechanics and the use of Fluids in machines. In other words, the use of hydraulics in mechanics is called fluid technology. It is considered an alternative to pneumatics.

12. Medical technology

Although, Medical technology is the technology in which medicine, new devices, new research and new methods are used for investigating, and solving the health problems. Medical technology also includes the use of computers while caring for patients in the USA is also considered a part of medical technology.

13. Micro technology

Micro-technology is a technology that reduces the size of a device by making a new structure over a millimetre area. Scientists are using Such micromesh devices in automatic airbags and medical devices; simultaneously, this technology is expected to be widely used shortly.

14. Nanotechnology (Most comment types of technology)

Nanotechnology is a technology used to observe and study the objects of a nanometer. Considering that there are billions of nanoparticles in one meter. Basically, nanotechnology is the study of tiny things. Thus we may also say that this is a technology to test and control atoms or molecules.

15. Waste treatment technologies

Waste Treatment technologies have many ways to discard, recycle and convert waste into energy. Due to this innovative technology, we can have a cleaner environment and may even meet energy shortage

16. Fertilizer Technology

Fertilizer technology was introduced first time in 1950 in United States. It’s covers the areas of fertilization. Scientists are doing research in this field to get remarkable success.An investment of $57 billion is in fertilization research field till 2019 according to our research.

17. 3D Printing Technology

This type of technology is used to create three dimensional solid objects. Additive manufacturing is also called 3D Printing.

18. Assistive Technology

This type of technology proved very helpful for disable persons. Assistive technology helps them in daily activities. Due to this type of technology, the lifestyle of disable people is improved. It can decrease the effects of disability. With this type of tech disable person can perform many daily life activities.

19. Art & Music (one of emerging types of technology)

Technology is used to compose different new Musical instruments. Due to technology the quality of Music is increased. Technology is also useful in composing new symphonies. We create 3D music, Dj songs, and also we edit and compose new songs with the help of technology.

20. Educational Technology

In past, the methods of education were different But now, we are living in a modern world. The methods and sources of education are now changed. The use of technology in educational field has improved it’s quality and benefits. Technology is helping students to do better research. It has also helped students to gain knowledge easily in far off areas.

21. Chemical Technology

( the Famous and high paying types of Technology)

Chemical technology is used for research purpose. In the field, chemist do experiments on different things to do research on hidden secrets of life. Chemical technology is worthy for all the other types of technology because chemicals are the essential part of at least everything.

22. Business Technology

Business Technology is a combined type of technology. It involves many types of technology. Business Technology was introduced first time in 1989. Business technology has helped a lot to grow small businesses.

different types of technology list

  • Architecture Technology
  • Biotechnology
  • Information Technology
  • Communication
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Robotics
  • Internet Of Things (IOT)
  • Environment technology
  • Hydraulics technology
  • Medical technology
  • Micro technology
  • Nanotechnology
  • Waste treatment technologies
  • Fertilizer Technology
  • 3D Printing Technology
  • Assistive Technology
  • Art & Music
  • Educational Technology
  • Chemical Technology
  • Business Technology


In conclusion, Correct use of any technology can create great success in human life. But conversely, misuse of technology can pose a massive threat to human life. Accordingly, Time determines the profit and loss of everything.

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