Top 14 Secret Websites to Make Money in 2024

In the digital age, there are many ways to make money online if you know where to look. From taking surveys to renting out assets, the internet provides ample opportunities to earn extra income. However, some of the most lucrative websites fly under the radar and are lesser known.

Get paid to test websites

As more businesses move online, the need for quality website testing increases. UserTesting and TryMyUI pay people like you to visit new websites or apps and provide feedback through videos, form completion, or by thinking aloud. The tests usually take 15-20 minutes. Both sites claim their testers make $10-$60 per test. Not bad for less than half an hour of your time!

Take paid online surveys

You’ve likely seen ads for companies offering money for online surveys. Most focus groups don’t pay much per hour, but the sites below promise higher-paying surveys targeted to your demographic.

Secret Websites to Make Money

Survey Junkie

Survey Junkie has an 8.9/10 TrustPilot rating based on over 94,000 reviews. Members take surveys tailored to their location, age range, habits, and more. Surveys pay between $2-25 each and take 5-25 minutes. Payout is through PayPal or gift cards.


InboxDollars pays members for reading emails, taking surveys, playing games, or surfing the web. According to the site, users make ~$35 per month just for using the internet as they normally would!

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Rent out your unused space

Have extra room? Rent it out for extra income! The options below let you set your price and availability.

Store unused items

Neighbor connects people needing short-term storage space with those having extra room in homes, garages, or storage units. Listers set pricing and availability through the site.

Rent out parking spaces

Those living in cities know that parking doesn’t come cheap. SpotHero allows you to rent out your parking space or garage when not using it. You set the times and rate. The site claims hosts make ~$150 per month!

Get cash back through these apps

Cash back apps give you money back for shopping activities you’re already doing. It’s free money!


Formerly Ebates, Rakuten gives cash back for purchases made through affiliate store links on its site. Users receive a check or PayPal deposit each quarter. According to Rakuten, the average user earns ~$150 per year.


Dosh automatically gives you cash back when you link your credit cards and shop at partner merchants. There’s no scanning receipts or entering confirmation codes. Just shop and watch the cash back roll in!

Earn money playing games

Who doesn’t love getting paid to play games? Check out these legit sites that pay users to play.

Second Life

Second Life is a popular virtual world game with its own bustling economy. Players create avatars to explore lands and participate in activities to earn Linden Dollars (L$) which can be exchanged for real money. The limit is what you put into it. Top earners make six figures per year!

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Swagbucks rewards users with points (called SB) for playing games, watching videos, answering surveys and more. Earn enough points to exchange them for gift cards or cash. According to NerdWallet, Swagbucks users typically earn ~$150 per year.

Earn cash solving challenges

Have advanced skills in writing, design, data entry or another field? Put them to use earning cash through these unique sites.


Squadhelp pays users for naming businesses. Submit your creative ideas as entries to naming contests that pay winners up to $1,500 per name. Contest holders purchase entries to use for their business.


Kolabtree is a freelance platform for independent scientists and researchers. Experts offer their advanced knowledge to help with projects, studies, or analyses. Set your own rate and schedule. Most collaborations pay ~$500.

Bottom line

The internet provides many little-known ways to earn extra money with just a bit of your time and skill. Check out these secret sites for opportunities to get paid for activities like testing or playing games, or put your expertise to use solving problems. With many promising at least $100 per month, it’s worth exploring options to supplement your income!


As we’ve seen, there are ample under-the-radar websites that provide opportunities to make extra cash without excessive effort or investment. By leveraging things you likely already do for free, such as surfing the internet, playing games, shopping, or putting unused space to work, you can pocket hundreds of dollars or more per year. For those with specialized skills, there is potential to earn even higher sums solving problems using your expertise. With innovative platforms continuing to connect supply and demand in new ways, new options for making money online will surely emerge in 2024 and beyond.

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What website pays the most to take surveys?

Based on user reviews, Survey Junkie is one of the highest paying survey taking websites out there. Users report making $2-$25 per survey, with each one taking just 5-25 minutes to complete.

How much can I make renting my parking space?

Using SpotHero, hosts make an average of $150 per month renting out their parking spaces or garages when not in use. urban locations tend to command higher rental rates.

What game pays real money to play?

Second Life allows players to earn Linden Dollars (L$) within the virtual world that can be cashed out for real money outside the game. Top earners make six figures per year through the platform’s bustling virtual economy.

What website pays you $1,500 to name a business?

Squadhelp runs contests for people needing creative business names. If the contest holder selects your submitted name, you can earn up to $1,500 as the winner.

How much can I make testing websites?

According to top website testing platforms like UserTesting and TryMyUI, testers typically make $10-$60 per test they complete. Each test takes 15-20 minutes on average, allowing you to stack up earnings fast.

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