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Techlasi.com aims to be your number one source for the most up-to-date news and information on the exciting world of technology. Our passionate team of writers lives and breathes the latest tech innovations – from sleek new gadgets fresh out of Silicon Valley to cutting-edge advances in AI and quantum computing.

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We founded Techlasi in 2019 with the goal of providing our readers with insider knowledge on the rapidly changing landscape of consumer electronics and information technology. We know that staying current is crucial for getting the most out of your devices and software systems. That’s why we work day and night to analyze product announcements, attend industry events, and profile the tech luminaries who are shaping the future. Our coverage extends beyond just reporting specs and release dates. We give you exclusive sneak peeks, how-tos, and future gazing. You’ll discover hidden features and techniques to supercharge your gear. We also provide dever perspectives on the societal impacts and promises of emerging technologies.

Our Story

Techlasi traces its origins to the vision of founder Mk Usmaan. As a long-time technophile with a reporter’s curiosity, he assembled a team of writers enthusiastic about making sense of the ever-accelerating pace of innovation. Based out of a small home office, we began compiling news items and product reviews. Over the years, our homegrown blog has evolved into the leading publication it is today – issuing dispatches from major industry conferences like CES and MWC while still retaining a bit of its scrappy startup roots. Now operating globally, the Techlasi editorial squad continues to uncover the biggest tech stories – even before they go mainstream.

We feel privileged to have had loyal readers joining us on this journey into the future. And we promise to continually upgrade and refine our coverage to satisfy your appetite for all things tech!

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