4 Future Technology that will enhance the quality of life [updated]

Technology is rapidly evolving day by day, and so is life. If you were born before 1990, you would remember that life in your childhood was not as easy and delightful as it is today, it would be very nice to think about how future technology will enhance the lifestyle in coming days.

Technology in energy sector

Of course, technology is now a day our greatest and most successful partner in everything from Lifestyle to occupational works in all fields. Sometime ago, the phone was just a communication medium, But now Technology has introduced smartphones that allow you to open the door of your car, not only this, but now you can turn off your home’s air conditioner with the help of your smartphones when you are miles away from home.

The term quality of life affects every area of life that is essential for living. Whether it is education or lifestyle, health or the economy, technology is involved in bringing innovation in almost every sector and as it looks like more changes are likely in the future. It is not possible to overlook all the new technology in the future and their possible effects on quality of life, but Tech lasi is highlighting some interesting Future technologies that will enhance the quality of life in this article.

Safe Nuclear Reactor

The biggest problem of any country nowadays is energy efficiency and its best solution in the future is Safe energy reactor. With its success we will have electricity that is less polluted, less costly and stable. Hearing the name of a nuclear reactor seems to be a little confusing to the heart and mind, but technology has reached this point today that we should take advantage of this. A safe nuclear reactor is a coming-of-age project that will make possible the positive use of nuclear power. Like small modular reactors, remote areas of the world which are still deprived of electricity and are producing electricity from oil can also be provided with cheap electricity generated by nuclear reactor. Besides, this power can also be used in plug-in hybrids and thus reduces external oil consumption.

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The agriculture sector is the backbone for the development of the people of any country. Traditionally the sector has been demanding a lot of hard work and perseverance, but now the world is changing so there is a need for revolution in this sector and this revolution is going to be called agriculture.

  1. Block chain is an important component of joining this Technology. This will include agriculture and agriculture data. So in the future, it can be very beneficial to Agriculture.

2. The other important point that will come from the 4.0 is the use of Internet of Things in agriculture. Due to which we have to get these benefits.

  • Monitoring the cost of production can reduce the amount of waste that will increase profits. As a result this action may prove helpful monetarily
  • With the help of smart devices, many agriculture affairs will work automatically. Such as fertilizer, irrigation or pest control.
  • With the help of Automation process, there will be possibility to obtain High revenues in enhance productionvolume with excellentquality.

Future Technology and Education system

As the world is changing in all the fields, technology already has taken place in the education department. Digital education and modules have left the traditional educational system far behind. But when it comes to the future, imagine how the education system will look like with future technology?

Will robots take over the jobs of teachers? We can’t say that in advance, but if AI is involved in education, then the perfect results could be expected.

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By joining this high technology in the education system, we can assume the teacher with AI devices. This technology will help teachers to carry out organizational issues easily so that teachers could more effectively monitor the student engagement. Both teachers and students will know the weaknesses and shortcomings of the student, and they can be improved in a better way. Moreover; the most significant advantage would be that the result could be decided by judging entirely on merit, and no student would have to complain about the outcome. Thus, future AI technology Innovative technology will be helpful to our next generation in being more capable and smart.

Future Technology in Healthcare

Health is the most essential ingredient for living a good life, and it is no longer hidden from anyone, so technology has the highest impact in the health sector.

Scientists and competent physicians are always striving to make positive use of technology for health, so keep experimenting with new techniques that will push medical science to a new angle in the future.

 The use of algorithms, artificial intelligence, and analytics will significantly reduce future disease screening and their negative impact on the human body.

Emerging technologies that will change the traditional method of treatment

Here we are going to mention some future emerging technologies that will undoubtedly change the traditional method of treatment. Although the results of these technologies are still satisfactory, they are still in the process of completion.

  • According to modern research, Korean scientists have been able to create lenses that can detect blood sugar levels by observing the tear and the sensors in the lens will work through the wireless without any electricity. So, it is a great achievement in this way!
  • The precise diagnosis of complex diseases will no longer be a significant issue because machine learning and Artificial Intelligence has reached at the top point today. Medical Tools that have come into existence with AI can read the human body’s retinal scan accurately.
  • Another innovative research has been to install a radio frequency chip inside a human’s skin, resulting in the patient’s internal motions being recorded and monitoring the chemistry of the blood with the help of a single sensor.
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The business world is no longer the same. Innovations are coming in daily. E-commerce has made its mark in the business and how can we ignore crypt-o-currency when it comes to e-commerce, crypt-o-currency such as bitcoin and lite-coin, has changed the basis of printed money in the world.  And in the future, we will see the use of block-chain as the results which will make our quality of life better.

Negative Impact of Future Technology in Human Life

The benefits of technology in the future cannot be ruled out they are great, but the negative effects of future technology can be remedied.

Imagine, for example, how would you feel if a robot started to command you in the future?

How will you feel if your smartphone becomes responsible for all your affairs?

How to prevent the negative effects of Future Technology?

The solution to these problems is possible only if we make changes in ourselves as well as in technology

  • Limit the usage of new Artificial Intelligence equipment.
  • Give your next generation more brain power than robots and make them capable to rule on Future technology.
  • Most importantly, do not shy away from physical exertion. Run away.
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