New technology 2019 – Technology launching in 2019

Introduction to new technology 2019:

New technology 2019 will give lot of benefits as well as it will also prove harmful for earth. Then, why we use it? As the time passes, latest technology, gadgets and security improvement has been introduced. Technology has essential part of our life. These gadgets have been a part of business industry. Today’s world is dependent on IT such as Artificial Intelligence, Internet security for websites and servers to protect their business and clients from threads, and latest network such as 5G.

Here’s the list of top trending fields emerging the new technology 2019.

New technology 2019 - Technologies that are going to launch in 2019

Artificial Intelligence (AI) as new technology 2019:

AI or Artificial intelligence is the most demanding field and development platform by the digital world that will automate their tasks and shift the jobs of the people. AI includes machine learning feature that are used in robots and computer software to react the customers as real human behind the system. Technology in Al will resolve a lot of problems in our daily life and business.

AI research is continued in top countries such as United States, Australia and United Kingdom. Navigational apps, Smart assistant, AI Customer support, Home assistants, scheduling trains and different works are included in the list of apps that are under research and development phase by AI.

Machine learning is a sub part of Artificial intelligence to program a computer to do what we’ve not programmed to do. Different domains of Machine learning involve neutral networks, neutral language processing and deep learning. Microsoft and other online shopping applications have using machine learning AI for live chat support for the customers. These machine learning applications were very basic and non-user friendly. So, AI is also helpful for business.

By the 2019, the AI industry will expend him to a new possibility, solving complex human problems.

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Internet of things (lOT) as new technology 2019:

As you are connected to the internet, you’re not secured as hackers are always there. In the past few years, research has analyzed the day by day increase in DDoS Attacks including DNS based attack, IP Flooding, web server attack and gaming server attacks. As it requires no experience to trigger the DDoS by a hacker and its usually easy and free to send a DoS or DDoS packet to shut down a network in seconds. But it is very difficult to stop DDoS as a lot of expensive firewalls are there to protect the infrastructure.

Hackers breached the security by the bank and hacked a lot of US accounts and credit cards. In the new tech 2019, a lot of security breaches and bugs have been resolved by protecting the DNS using proxy and next generation firewalls. In 2019, a lot of devices received security including robot security, drone, vehicles tracking security and CCTV camera’s security.

Enterprise level firewalls such as next generation firewall have been introduced recently with IPS/IDS for the advanced security of the internet. These firewalls have anti-bypass feature that catches most of the hackers and flooders and block their connection immediately. It is a good thing.

Block Chain:

The highly security block chain is used for crypto currency and it plays an important role in protecting the digital systems such a personal medial data, art and real e states. Block chain will improve the global chain supply by 2019.

By the end of 2019, Block chain is going to introduce the first enterprise applications to be in active use. Block chain will be starting the crypto currency trading that will become the part of the businesses. Hence, block chain will become the core of business industry. Average block chain developer earns $130,000 per month.

2nd IEEE International conference held on USA on 2019 where block chain has introduced a technique to achieve decentralization where block chain has been implemented into the digital currencies such as bit coin, LIO coin. Block chain has also introduced digital fault tolerance computing system in 2019.

BlockChain is also playing an important role in secure decentralization in Internet of things, social network and next generation wireless networks. Block chain has involved scalability, privacy and high security. In other words, we can say that block chain is the best choice for future.

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Virtual and Augmented Reality

Virtual reality is creating a new different environment for the users while augmented reality is enhancing real environment with the virtual objects such as showing live streaming score on the screen and news channels headlines etc.

In new tech 2019, we’ll see a lot of advancement in Virtual reality and augmented reality, there uses in daily life and Mixed Reality. Virtual reality has decided to open some innovative industrial applications that will change how people works and communicates with each other by 2019.

According to recent research, the demand for AR jobs has gradually increased in 2019 by 37%. But the candidates for AR jobs are dropping every month. So, we can say that this field has a lot of jobs.

Augmented reality has developed novel way of shopping trend of new technology 2019. AR is the great way of attracting the customers. BRP reported that 15% of consumers have put AR to use for shopping. 32% of retails have decided to involve AR in the shopping by 2022 or later.

AR have introduced in door navigation by 2019 where users can navigate to the shopping malls, plazas and hospitals and different sections of the shops just like Google maps but with AR improvements.

AR has played a wide role in remote assistance in new technology 2019. WebRTC and AR are combined together to make an intelligent real time AR system for troubleshoot and maintenance of the work remotely. Organizations are using AR technology to look around their data centers and perform some actions remotely. So, AR technology will be a best choice for users.

Cyber Security enhanced as new technology 2019:

Earlier Cyber security was the demand by banks and officials of the countries, and then it becomes the need of modern age. However the candidates for this job are decreasing day by day. Cyber security is paying ethical hackers to test the venerable in the system. Cyber security jobs are paying $100000 a month. Top companies hires these ethical hackers for can you break this test?

We’ll see a lot of improvement in cyber security departments by 2019. There will be improvements in Cloud computing, Hardware authentication based systems and Data loss prevention. Tough security measures will be added to avoid any illegal activity be the hackers. Cyber security professional’s jobs are increasing 3 times faster than a usual job.

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5G new Technology 2019:

New technology 2019 - Technologies that are going to launch in 2019

5G is a modern 2019 technology that uses radio waves or frequency for the communication of data on internet. We can say, it is the next generation of mobile network that introduced fastest connectivity than ever before. 5G networks is said to be 100 times faster than a usual 4G network. Currently 5G is in the development stage. Some of the top universities and institutes are currently researching on 5G technology. 5G network requires 5G supported mobile phones, which will cost 3 times more than a 4G smart phone. However, the 5G technology also has health effects.

5G has launched in Chicago, Verizon and other few cities of United States at first. USA and UK are working to expend 5G network in other cities as well. In these limited cities, 5G tested to be 1.4 Gbps average speed. This is a lot faster than usual 4G. UK and London is still testing on 5G network.

UK has launched 5G in May 2019 with the first one to launch on a smart phone. However UK is still working on 5G expansion on other cities as well. UK has launched 5G in 10 major cities including the following:

  • Toowoomba
  • Adelaide
  • Sydney
  • Launceston
  • Perth
  • Hobart
  • Melbourne
  • Gold Coast
  • Canberra
  • Brisbane

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