Human or AI Game – Play Online Now!

A new online game is challenging players to determine whether an image was created by a human or an AI algorithm. The game, simply called “Human or AI,” presents players with a series of images and asks them to guess if each image was made by a person or computer program.

Human or AI Game

Human or AI Game


The serene lake reflected the surrounding mountains. A perfect spot for tranquility.

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Think You Can Tell Human from AI? Try Our Human or AI Game!

We're excited to introduce our new online game - Human or AI. This addicting game challenges you to guess whether images were created by humans or AI algorithms. With advanced AI image generators fooling even experts, it's harder than you think! Here's how it works - we'll show you an image and you guess if a person made it or if it's AI-generated. The images span different subjects - portraits, landscapes, abstract art, animals, and more. Some look convincingly realistic while others seem surreally edited. You'll have to pay close attention to spot the subtle technical clues to identify AI-created images.

Be prepared to second guess yourself! Many players admit having difficulty consistently telling the difference, barely performing better than random chance. The super-realistic AI images often get mistaken as human-made. And some authentic human images end up appearing too surreal to seem plausible. The line dividing human creativity from machine keeps getting hazier. But while challenging, the rewards go beyond a good score. Our image guessing game also offers insight into the rapidly accelerating capabilities of AI algorithms. You'll come away with appreciation for just how uncanny advanced image generators have become. Who knows - those cute cat photos might turn out to be the product of a computer brain! So come test your perception against the machine. See if you have what it takes to tell human from AI. No specialized knowledge needed - just attentiveness and intuitive pattern recognition. Play Human or AI now for free and share your high scores with friends. But be warned - seeing shouldn't always be believing when AI is involved!


Q: Do I need any special skills or knowledge to play Human or AI?

A: Absolutely not! No specialized knowledge or artistic training is required. All you need are your natural instincts and pattern recognition skills to determine if images appear human or AI-created. Let your intuition and perceptiveness be your guide!

Q: Are certain types of images more difficult to identify than others in the game?

A: Our analytics show landscapes and abstract images tend to puzzle players more than portraits. Landscapes can appear very photorealistic thanks to AI advances. And digitally-produced abstract images follow no rules to seem obviously computer-generated. Pay extra attention when these categories show up!

Q: Can I play Human or AI on my phone or does it require a computer?

A: Our game is fully mobile-optimized to provide the same great experience on phones and tablets! So feel free to put your human vs. AI guessing skills to the test on-the-go against our catalog of head-scratching images.

Q: Where do all the images in Human or AI come from?

A: Our image library includes both real photos taken by amateur photographers and avid graphic designers as well as images synthesized via leading AI image models. So you get a healthy mix of authentic human-made images with state-of-the-art computer generated ones.

Q: Does the game have different difficulty settings or modes?

A: Currently all players compete against the same curated collection of images. But we may introduce difficulty settings that tailor the precision and realism of the AI images based on your skill level. Stay tuned as we continue improving Human or AI!