NovelAI vs AI Dungeon

NovelAI vs AI Dungeon: A Detailed Comarison 2024

Two of the most popular AI writing tools today are NovelAI and AI Dungeon. Both leverage state of the art deep learning models to assist writers in creating immersive stories, worlds, and characters. But with continued advancement of AI capabilities, how do these two services compare in 2024?

Key Takeaways:

  • Use NovelAI for ambitious, coherent writing projects
  • Use AI Dungeon for casual interactive adventures
  • Both have responsible AI practices and customization now
  • Future is bright for AI fiction writing assistants

Overview of NovelAI and AI Dungeon

NovelAI launched in 2021 as an AI assistant focused solely on fiction writing. Its AI model is fine tuned on over 2 billion words of text data including books, plays, movies, songs, and more. This allows it to generate highly coherent long form stories with rich details.

On the other hand, AI Dungeon first debuted in 2019 as an interactive text adventure game. While also trained on vast datasets, its model incorporates more conversational data from sources like Reddit to enable back and forth storytelling between the AI and human writer.

Both tools offer advanced features for worldbuilding, character creation, lore generation, and more. But there are some key differences.

Key Feature Comparison

As seen in the table, NovelAI excels at long form story writing with greater coherence and consistency. AI Dungeon is more geared for interactive fiction with more variability in style and tone.

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This comes down to how their AI models were trained. NovelAI’s model puts heavier emphasis on mimicking the structure of books and stories. AI Dungeon includes more conversational data for that back and forth feel.

Content Moderation Capabilities

Responsible AI is crucial for text generation tools today. Both NovelAI and AI Dungeon have invested greatly in content moderation capabilities over the years.

NovelAI has developed advanced filters using keyword blacklists, semantic similarity detection, and classifier algorithms to automatically flag potentially problematic content. This allows it to proactively moderate content while still allowing creative freedom.

AI Dungeon recently implemented a new narrative understanding engine called Opera that scans text line by line while also considering broader context to identify inappropriate content. This provides more complete and accurate moderation. So in terms of keeping AI writing safe and ethical, both tools are now very capable in 2024. But NovelAI seems to have a slight edge at accurately detecting issues at scale while maximizing creative potential.

Customization and Control

Both NovelAI and AI Dungeon offer impressive ways for writers to fine tune stories and steer the AI creatively. This includes altering story details, re-writing or removing AI content, editing context, and more.

NovelAI has rich metadata that allows tagging characters, plot points, lore details, objects, locations and more. Writers can leverage this to intentionally shape narratives and maintain consistency. It also has robust conditional story generation tools.

Meanwhile, AI Dungeon enables editing any previously generated text to tweak story trajectories. It also allows setting high level story descriptions and scene setups to influence AI outputs. And it has a “Story” mode with more writer control. So for creative guidance, both are very customizable now. NovelAI provides more metadata manipulation while AI Dungeon offers seamless re-writing of details.

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Pricing and Plans

On pricing, here’s how NovelAI and AI Dungeon compare:

NovelAI pricing:

  • Stellar: $10/mo – 15 generations/day, text size limits
  • Nova: $20/mo – Unlimited generations, higher text limits
  • Constellation: $30/mo – Everything in Nova plus advanced features

AI Dungeon pricing:

  • Free version with limited features
  • $10/$30/$60 monthly plans based on generation amount/length

The pricing structure has evened out compared to early days. Now both offer tiered plans scaling from basic to advanced capabilities. NovelAI still seems more competitively priced for serious writers. But AI Dungeon offers a forever free version making it highly accessible.


In reviewing NovelAI vs AI Dungeon, both have evolved impressively over the past few years in terms of features, safety, and customization. Which is better for you depends primarily on your use case and budget.

NovelAI shines for long form fiction writing like novels and stories needing coherence. Its AI model, fine-tuned precisely on books/scripts, gives it an edge here. And its responsible content controls provide peace of mind.

But AI Dungeon can’t be beaten for interactive adventures with its Reddit trained model that captures more conversational quirks. It also offers competitive pricing tiers and a free version making it highly accessible. So choose NovelAI for ambitious writing projects desiring lots of quality AI generated text. Or opt for AI Dungeon for casual creative fun on a budget through interactive tales. Either way, the future is bright for responsible and empowering AI fiction writing assistants!


What are some key differences between NovelAI and AI Dungeon?

The main differences are:

  • NovelAI specializes in coherent long form writing while AI Dungeon focuses on interactive conversational writing
  • NovelAI generates highly consistent tone/style over long distances while AI Dungeon varies more
  • NovelAI has robust metadata for precisely shaping stories while AI Dungeon allows editing any past text
  • NovelAI seems to have more advanced content moderation while AI Dungeon offers freeforever access
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Which has better writing quality overall?

Most assessments give NovelAI an edge in overall long form writing quality thanks to its precision model tuning. But AI Dungeon quality keeps improving and it generates conversational text very naturally.

What are the pricing models for each?

NovelAI has Stellar, Nova, and Constellation monthly subscription plans scaling from $10 to $30. AI Dungeon has a free forever option, then paid tiers of $10, $30, and $60 based on generation amounts.

Which is better for beginners?

AI Dungeon may be better for beginners thanks to its free version. This lets new users play with simple story writing at no cost. But NovelAI offers great resources too and a $10 basic tier that works well.

What do they offer in terms of responsible AI practices?

Both NovelAI and AI Dungeon have invested heavily in content moderation capabilities lately through filters, classifiers, semantic analysis, and context checking systems. NovelAI seems slightly more advanced currently.

MK Usmaan