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Fireflies vs Otter ai – Which AI Transcription Service Should You Choose in 2024?

Two of the leading companies in AI powered voice transcription technology are and With continuous improvements in accuracy, speed, and features, these services have become extremely useful for everyone from students to journalists to business executives. But which one is better for your needs? This comprehensive 2024 comparison will go through the pros, cons, features, pricing, integrations, accuracy, and overall capabilities of Otter vs Fireflies so you can determine the best AI transcription service for your unique requirements. After all, your success depends on having accurate transcripts you can rely on!

Key Takeaways:

  • edges out Otter on precision 99%+ accuracy via human + AI vs 95% for Otter’s AI.
  • Otter generates transcripts much faster, typically within an hour vs 12-24 hours for Fireflies.
  • Both integrate extensively with popular platforms like Zoom, Google Workspace, Slack etc.
  • Each option allows training AI on custom vocabularies for improved technical/niche accuracy.
  • Fireflies attributions speaker remarks more precisely thanks to human in the loop approach.
  • Otter caters to individuals and teams both while Fireflies charges by usage volume.
  • While Otter gives more bang for buck, Fireflies delivers nearly perfect transcripts.
  • Evaluate speed vs precision tradeoff, budget, team size, and accuracy needs before deciding.

How Do and Work?

Let’s first understand how these AI transcription services function before diving into the comparisons:

Otter utilizes sophisticated natural language processing (NLP) and speech recognition algorithms to generate transcripts from audio or video files. You can record meetings, interviews, lectures, and more or upload pre recorded audio/video.

Otter’s AI then gets to work transcribing the media, inserting proper punctuation, formatting speakers, filtering out background noises, and even generating keywords. The technology has advanced enough to recognize different voices and insert speaker names. takes a somewhat different approach. Instead of purely relying on AI, they combine machine learning algorithms with a global network of experienced human editors and fact checkers.

So after the AI attempts to transcribe your files, human experts refine, edit, and fact check the transcripts to boost accuracy significantly. This allows Fireflies to achieve over 99% precision for various speech types. The editing also enriches transcripts by fixing errors, inserting proper names/terms, adding punctuation, and formatting text.

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Features Table

Now that you understand the core approach of each platform, let’s compare them across several categories to determine the superior product.

Pros and Cons Comparison Table

Accuracy Comparison

Since the main purpose of automated transcription is efficiency paired with precision, accuracy is arguably the most crucial evaluation criteria.

Here is how Otter and Fireflies stack up when it comes to correct transcription accuracy in 2024:

Otter – Otter’s speech recognition technology leveraging deep neural networks and continuous training has reached about 95% average accuracy in 2024. Performance can vary slightly based on microphone quality, background noise, audio clarity, number of speakers, etc.

Fireflies – By combining AI with professional human editors, Fireflies claims to achieve over 99% accuracy on average. The trained editors refine transcripts to fix mistakes and enrich text. This allows excellent accuracy even for challenging content.

While both services are quite accurate nowadays, Fireflies maintains an edge particularly for specialized, fast paced, or muddled speech. Whether lectures, meetings, interviews or other contexts, Fireflies aims for maximum precision. Otter, while still impressive, may fumble occasionally with more complex audio.

Integrations Comparison

Besides core transcription capabilities, the depth of integrations with other platforms also impacts utility. Let’s examine how Otter and Fireflies fare on supported integrations:

Otter – Otter has established integrations with popular apps like Zoom, Google Meet, Slack, Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, current, Evernote, and more. You can automatically sync meeting recordings from Zoom and other video platforms to Otter for rapid transcription.

Fireflies – Fireflies also offers excellent integration support, including Zoom, Webex, GoToMeeting, Slack, Dropbox, Google Drive, and OneDrive. Like Otter, recorded videos from supported platforms can be automatically routed to Fireflies for rapid transcription.

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When it comes to integrations, both platforms are quite versatile and integratable with major third-party applications. While Otter may have a slight edge due to unique partnerships, Fireflies covers the most popular tools as well.

Custom Vocabulary Comparison

Teaching AI services specialized terminology ensures more accurate recognition, especially for meetings heavy on industry jargon. Let’s check how custom vocab training options compare:

Otter – Otter provides a simple way to upload lists of custom words and names to improve recognition accuracy. You can submit proper names, industry terms, abbreviations, alphanumeric strings, and more for the AI to learn. Useful for specialized meetings.

Fireflies – Fireflies also allows training AI algorithms on custom vocabularies for a given account or team. Submit specialized terms, acronyms, names, etc. to ensure correctly detecting high frequency domain specific phrases. Helpful for precise technical/creative meeting transcripts.

So both platforms enable training the AI on unique vocabularies to improve precision for specialized speech. This customizable dictionary feature is extremely valuable for accurate parsing of industry terminology and uncommon words/phrases.

Speaker Separation Technology

Meetings often have multiple speakers discussing topics with overlapping commentary. Reliably attributing statements to correct speakers greatly enriches transcripts. Here is how the services fare:

Otter – Otter incorporates advanced speaker identification to distinguish between meeting participants based on unique voice prints. Statements get correctly assigned to speaker names with reasonable accuracy for meetings with 3-5 participants.

Fireflies – Similarly, Fireflies transcripts specify speakers by name without needing pre enrollment. Although performance also varies based on number of participants and audio quality, precision is quite high owing to human review.

By combining machine learning with manual editing, Fireflies aims for maximum speaker attribution accuracy regardless of background noise or interruptions. Otter’s AI only system falters more as complexity increases.

Speed Comparison

Besides accuracy and features, the turnaround time for receiving full transcripts also impacts utility across diverse contexts:

Otter – Thanks to continuous improvements in machine learning, Otter’s algorithms have gotten quite fast in 2024. You can expect full automated transcripts for typical 1 hour long meetings within 30-60 minutes after completion. So relatively fast.

Fireflies – Since Fireflies involves manual reviewing and editing after AI transcription, turnaround times tend to be longer. Allow for 12-24 hours for receiving finalized meeting or interview transcripts. But the human touch augments precision.

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Here Otter’s automated approach outperforms if you need rapid transcripts. But Fireflies aims for maximum accuracy at the expense of turnaround time. Choose based on whether speed or quality is more crucial for your needs.

Plan and Pricing Comparison

Since budget is always a consideration, let’s examine how Otter and Fireflies pricing plans stack up in 2024: Pricing

  • Basic – Free, limited use
  • Pro – $20/month billed annually, Team collaboration
  • Business – $40/month billed annually, More features like analytics Pricing

  • Starter – $30/month, 2 hour limit
  • Team – $60/month, 10 hour limit
  • Business – $100/month, 50 hour limit

Fireflies offers volume based pricing starting from $30 while Otter has role based packages. Though Otter seems cheaper for individuals, Fireflies provides expert level accuracy. Consider trade offs based on your needs like team size, volume, and precision requirements while deciding plans.


In closing, determining whether Otter or Fireflies is the superior transcription platform depends significantly on your unique requirements. Both integrate well with popular tools, enable training AI on custom vocabularies, deliver searchable and shareable transcripts enriched with speaker attribution, and plenty more valuable features.

Otter shines when you need to process long recordings faster without perfection while Fireflies dominates for precision regardless of turnaround. Otter’s plans are somewhat lighter on the pocket while Fireflies charges more for unmatched quality control through professional editing and fact checks.

Consider factors like accuracy needs, budget, speed, and team size among others while deciding the best fit. And you could always sign up for free trials to evaluate performance firsthand across pertinent use cases. With the continuing innovation in AI, automated transcription will become even smarter over time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Otter or Fireflies more accurate overall?

Fireflies edges out Otter when it comes to precision thanks to expert human checking enabling 99%+ accuracy even for specialized speech. Otter’s 95% AI transcription can occasionally fumble with trickier audio.

Which platform offers faster turnaround?

Otter’s automated transcriptions are generally ready within an hour whereas Fireflies’ human refined transcripts take 12-24 hours. So Otter is preferable for quicker transcripts.

Can both handle custom vocabularies?

Yes, both Otter and Fireflies enable submitting specialized vocabularies to improve recognition of industry jargon, uncommon terms, abbreviations, names, and more.

How do the speaker attribution capabilities stack up?

Fireflies generates more precise speaker separation and attribution owing to human refinement fixing AI lapses. Useful when accurate assignment is critical.

Which solution offers better value for money?

Otter gives more capabilities per dollar spend but Fireflies charges a premium for unmatched precision. Evaluate trade offs between budget and accuracy while choosing plans.