How to Make Netherite Tools

How to Make Netherite Tools? Step-by Step-Guide

In 2024, one of the most valuable materials in Minecraft is netherite. Netherite tools and armor have the highest durability and efficiency in the game. Upgrading your diamond gear to netherite is extremely beneficial if you spend a lot of time fighting mobs, mining, or building large projects.

This step-by-step guide will teach you everything you need to know about obtaining netherite and using it to upgrade your tools and weapons. We’ll cover mining netherite, crafting netherite ingots, and combining those ingots with your diamond equipment at a smithing table.

Step 1: Gather Materials Needed to Reach the Nether

In order to obtain netherite, you first need access to the Nether dimension. This requires a diamond pickaxe and obsidian to construct a nether portal. You will also need flint and steel to activate the portal once it’s built.

Here are the materials you’ll need before you can enter the Nether and begin searching for ancient debris (the ore you need to craft netherite ingots):

  • 10 obsidian blocks
  • 1 diamond
  • 1 iron ingot
  • At least 3 flint

Craft a diamond pickaxe so you can mine the obsidian. Then, build a nether portal frame that is 4 blocks wide and 5 blocks high, lighting the bottom with your flint and steel to activate the portal.

Step 2: Craft a Diamond Pickaxe with Efficiency V

To maximize your mining speed in the Nether, you’ll want an enchanted diamond pickaxe. Ideally, you should have the Efficiency V enchantment on your pickaxe before mining for ancient debris.

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Here’s what you need to craft and enchant a high efficiency diamond pickaxe:

  • 2 diamonds
  • 3 wood planks
  • 2 sticks
  • 30 levels of XP for Enchanting

Craft a diamond pickaxe at your workbench. Then, combine it with an enchanted book that has Efficiency V on an anvil. This allows you to mine ancient debris much faster.

Step 3: Travel to the Nether and Search for Ancient Debris

Once in the Nether, the search begins for ancient debris blocks. These extremely rare blocks are what you need to craft netherite ingots.

When mining for debris:

  • You’ll need to be standing at y-level 15 or below
  • Look for small gray/black blocks similar in appearance to coal or granite
  • Mine carefully! Ancient debris will be sparse and easy to miss
  • Use beds or TNT for faster mining of large areas

Be prepared with fire resistance potions, food, a shield, and armor. Lava lakes and hostile mobs make navigating the Nether extremely dangerous! As you search, collect any netherite scraps or debris blocks you come across.

Step 4: Craft a Smithing Table to Upgrade Gear to Netherite

Now that you have your first pieces of ancient debris, it’s time to start crafting netherite ingots. To fully upgrade your gear, you’ll need a way to combine netherite ingots with your diamond equipment. This is where a smithing table comes in handy.

To make a smithing table:

  • Craft 4 wood planks and 2 iron ingots together. This recipe makes 1 smithing table
  • Place the smithing table down somewhere secure, like your base

With a smithing table, you can turn netherite ingots and diamond items into super upgraded “netherite” gear which has higher enchantment capacity and durability.

Step 5: Use a Furnace and Gold to Craft Netherite Ingots

Ancient debris won’t do you any good as-is. You need to process it into netherite ingots before upgrading your equipment. Here are the steps to craft netherite ingots:

  1. Place ancient debris and any netherite scraps in a furnace to obtain netherite scrap
  2. Combine 4 netherite scraps with 4 gold ingots in a crafting table. This makes 1 netherite ingot.
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Craft as many netherite ingots as you’ll need for the tools, weapons, and armor you wish to upgrade. It’s smart to craft 1-2 extras so you can repair your gear later on.

Also beware netherite ingots and netherite gear will float in lava rather than being destroyed. But don’t risk losing them!

Step 6a: Upgrade Diamond Tools with Netherite Ingots

Now for the fun part turning your hard earned netherite ingots into superpowered tools. Here’s how to upgrade tools one at a time:

  1. Place a diamond tool (pickaxe, axe, shovel, or hoe) in the upper box of a smithing table
  2. Place one netherite ingot in the lower box
  3. Remove your shiny new netherite tool!

Repeat for the rest of the tools you wish to upgrade. Enjoy your newfound mining and chopping capabilities! If you want to learn how to upgrade weapons and armor too, check the next sections.

Step 6b: Upgrade Diamond Weapons to Netherite

You can transform diamond swords and bows into devastating netherite weapons using a smithing table too. Here are the upgrade recipes for each weapon type:


  • Diamond sword + 1 netherite ingot = Netherite sword


  • Diamond bow + 1 netherite ingot = Netherite bow

Give your main melee and ranged weapons a major boost with netherite upgrades when you craft ingots!

Step 6c: Upgrade Diamond Armor with Netherite

Protect yourself from lava, explosions, projectiles, and big falls with a set of ultra durable netherite armor.

To smith a piece of netherite armor you’ll need:

  • A piece of diamond armor (helmet, chestplate, leggings, or boots)
  • 1 netherite ingot per armor piece

With full netherite armor equipped, you’ll be almost invincible!

Now let’s summarize the key details for making netherite gear…

Netherite Crafting Recipes Cheat Sheet

Refer to this table for a quick cheat sheet on using netherite for upgrades:


Obtaining netherite and upgrading your top tier gear takes a lot of time and effort. But it is well worth it for the power boost! With fully enchanted netherite weapons, tools, and armor equipped, you will be able to conquer just about any task or fight in Minecraft.

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Be sure to use fire resistance when working in lava lakes in the Nether. And don’t lose hope if ancient debris is slow to find at first just keep mining. Smith your netherite ingots into gear at a smithing table. Soon, you’ll have the very best equipment that 2024 Minecraft has to offer!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you mine ancient debris with an iron or stone pickaxe?

No, you must use at least a diamond pickaxe to successfully harvest ancient debris blocks and get netherite scrap from them.

Does netherite armor have higher toughness than diamond armor?

Yes, a full set of netherite armor has very high toughness over 3 times as high as diamond armor on average. This better protects you from heavy blows in combat.

Is netherite gear inflammable?

Nope! Netherite items don’t burn in fire or lava so you don’t have to worry about losing them by accident as much.

Can you enchant netherite gear with regular enchanting tables?

Enchanting Netherite gear requires the use of an Anvil and an Enchanted Book or another enchanted item. You need to combine the Netherite gear with the enchanted item or book using the Anvil to transfer the enchantment.

Here’s a general process for enchanting Netherite gear:

  1. Enchant an item: Use an Enchanting Table to enchant a book or another item.
  2. Get an Enchanted Book: Either enchant a book directly or use the Enchanting Table to enchant another item, and then combine that item with a book using an Anvil.
  3. Combine with Netherite gear: Place the Netherite gear and the Enchanted Book on an Anvil. This will consume experience levels, and the enchanted book’s enchantment will transfer to the Netherite gear.
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