Sunday Ticket Free Trial: Getting NFL Ticket For Free

What is Sunday Ticket?

Sunday Ticket is a sports package from DIRECTV that gives viewers access to watch out-of-market NFL games that are not available on local channels. It carries all Sunday afternoon games, as well as Sunday Night Football on NBC.

Sunday Ticket FREE 2024

Benefits of Having Sunday Ticket

There are several key benefits to having a Sunday Ticket subscription:

Watch Any Game You Want

With Sunday Ticket, you can watch any NFL game being played on a Sunday afternoon, regardless of where you live. This gives you access to way more football action.

Fantasy Football Edge

For fantasy football players, Sunday Ticket is extremely valuable. You can keep tabs on all your players simultaneously since you can flip between games. This gives you a big competitive advantage.

RedZone Channel Included

The exciting RedZone channel is included with Sunday Ticket. This whips around to games where teams are in the “red zone” nearing a scoring opportunity. It ensures you don’t miss any of the big moments.

Getting a Free Trial

DIRECTV offers a way for people to try out Sunday Ticket before committing to a full season. This free trial period provides the chance to evaluate the subscription.

Who Qualifies for the Free Trial?

The free trial for Sunday Ticket is only available for new DIRECTV customers. Additionally, it is generally only for people living in a residence that has not had DIRECTV or AT&T TV in the past. So it’s aimed at first-time subscribers to lure them in.

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Registering for the Trial

Getting set up with the free trial is very straightforward. Simply sign up to get DIRECTV service installed in your home. Mention that you are interested in the Sunday Ticket package. DIRECTV will then schedule a time to set up your equipment and activate a trial of Sunday Ticket.

Trial Period Length and Details

DIRECTV provides a 7-day free trial period for the Sunday Ticket package. During this week, you will have full access to all features and channels associated with the subscription. You can test out the RedZone channel, fantasy football coverage, alternative camera angles, and more.

Costs If You Decide to Subscribe

After the trial wraps up, you will have the choice of whether you want to continue your Sunday Ticket subscription or not. If you do decide to keep it, here are the costs you can expect.

Monthly Plans

DIRECTV offers a few Sunday Ticket monthly payment plan options:

  • Sunday Ticket Max – $89.99/month for 5 months
  • Sunday Ticket – $69.99/month for 5 months
  • Sunday Ticket Student – $24.99/month for 5 months

The Max plan has some extra football features like advanced stats and fantasy tools. The Student version is discounted for students living on campuses.

Season-Long Plans

If you pay for the entire 2024 regular NFL season upfront, DIRECTV offers a decent discount:

  • Sunday Ticket Max – $293.94 (one payment)
  • Sunday Ticket – $236.94 (one payment)
  • Sunday Ticket Student – $99.94 (one payment)

So you can save over the monthly costs if you know you want to commit to the package for the long run.

How to Cancel after the Trial

DIRECTV makes it relatively simple to cancel your Sunday Ticket if you decide it’s not for you after testing it out. Here is the process:

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Call Customer Support

You will need to contact DIRECTV’s customer support team. The number is 1-800-531-5000. Let them know you signed up for the free trial but now want to cancel Sunday Ticket.

Confirm Cancellation Details

The agent will confirm your decision to cancel at the end of your free trial period. They will then make sure your account is not charged for any subsequent months. Feel free ask any other questions while on the call as well!

Return Equipment

You will also need to return any rented DIRECTV equipment like receivers and dishes. The agent can confirm if/when DirecTV needs these items back. Boxes and shipping labels are typically provided. And just like that, you will have cancelled Sunday Ticket and your free trial will not transition into a standard paid subscription.

What If I Want to Restart Service Later On?

Even if you cancel after the initial free trial, DIRECTV will welcome you back anytime if you decide you want Sunday Ticket again later on. You can restart your subscription at any point during the 2024 NFL season. And you can still get decent discounts on the monthly or one-time payments.

Key Takeaways on the Free Trial Offer

Here are some key points to remember about grabbing this seven day free trial of NFL Sunday Ticket:

  • Only for new DIRECTV customers
  • Gives you full access to all Sunday Ticket features
  • Lets you watch RedZone Channel for no extra fee
  • Cancel anytime if it’s not for you
  • Restart subscription later on if wanted

So it’s extremely flexible and gives you the chance to try before you buy!

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In summary, the Sunday Ticket free trial is a nice offer from DIRECTV aimed at attracting new subscribers. It can give you a week to evaluate everything the package has to offer. From watching your fantasy players to flipping between live games, it brings tons of extra football action. Just be aware of the cancellation process before the trial is up. And don’t hesitate to sign back up down the road if you change your mind!


What NFL games can I watch with the Sunday Ticket free trial?

You can watch any out-of-market Sunday afternoon NFL game with the free trial. This includes all the 1:00 pm and 4:00 pm matchups each week.

Does the free trial include access to the RedZone Channel?

Yes, the wildly popular RedZone Channel is part of the Sunday Ticket package and available during the free trial.

Can existing DIRECTV customer get the Sunday Ticket free trial?

Unfortunately no, the trial is only for new DIRECTV subscribers. Existing customers can not participate.

What happens if I don’t cancel Sunday Ticket before my trial ends?

If you don’t cancel by the end of the 7-day trial period, your account will automatically be charged the standard Sunday Ticket rates for the following month.

If I cancel the free trial but want Sunday Ticket later on, what will it cost?

You can restart your Sunday Ticket subscription at any point during the 2024 season. You will be charged either the monthly rates or full regular-season rates at that time.