9 FUN Things to Do on New Year’s Eve 2024

New Year’s Eve is one of the most celebrated nights of the year. As the clock counts down to midnight, excitement and anticipation fill the air. From glitzy parties to intimate gatherings with loved ones, there are so many ways to ring in the new year. If you’re looking for some fun and unique ideas to make this New Year’s Eve one to remember, here are 9 suggestions!

FUN THINGS to Do on New Year 2024

Host a Fondue Party

Gather your closest friends for a retro evening centered around dipping, cheese, and chocolate. Set up a DIY fondue bar with an array of proteins, veggies, breads, fruits, and sweets to dip into melted cheese and chocolate. Supply guests with long fondue forks and arrange seating for easy dipping access. As you alternate between savory and sweet fondue pots, enjoy sparkling ciders and reminisce about the past year.**

Set Off Fireworks

There’s nothing like lighting up the night sky to welcome the new year with a sparkling bang! Check your local laws to see if personal fireworks are allowed in your area. Select an assortment of dazzling fountains, rockets, sparklers, and poppers from a fireworks stand or store. Find an open space away from buildings, trees and brush where you can safely set them off. Make sure to have a bucket of water and fire extinguisher on hand. Gather your family and closest friends, pop open the champagne, turn up the tunes, and start the 10-second countdown to a fiery, fantastic midnight display!

Design a NYE Photo Booth

Ring in 2024 by hamming it up in a DIY photo booth! Use cardboard, fabric and props to create a fun backdrop for your party. Supply silly hats, feather boas, oversized glasses, signs and noisemakers. Set up a tripod with a remote shutter release or phone app so guests can squeeze in, strike a pose and capture candid memories. At midnight, pass around copies of all the hilarious photos to remember a picture-perfect New Year’s Eve!

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Host a Murder Mystery Party

Spice up your NYE by throwing a murder mystery party! Send out invitations letting guests know a crime will take place at the stroke of midnight. Encourage them to come dressed up as suspects. Prepare clues and red herrings to keep them guessing as you all try to solve the mystery. Appoint someone to play the victim who “dies” at midnight. Provide notepads so guests can interview each other and take notes. Offer prizes for Best Costume and Most Likely Suspect. The countdown is on for a thrilling whodunit to ring in the new year!

Play New Year’s Games

From lively board games to tournaments featuring ping pong or air hockey, a game night is a fun way to while away the hours until midnight strikes. Classic options like Charades, Pictionary or Would You Rather spark competition and conversation. For trivia lovers, craft a customized game featuring questions about the past year. Or get moving with interactive games like Freeze Dance or Limbo that will have you laughing all night long. As the clock counts down the final seconds of 2024, it’s game on!

Have a Karaoke Showdown

Stage an entertaining singing competition by setting up karaoke equipment for a battle of the vocal cords! Make fun category playlists featuring favorite genres and decades. Supply props like wigs, boas, and silly glasses to amp up the performances. Cast votes after each round to determine who moves ahead to the next. Save songs like “Auld Lang Syne” and “New York, New York” for a heartfelt singalong at midnight. Let your inner superstars shine bright at the ultimate NYE karaoke jam!**

Host a Mahjong Marathon

For a more low-key NYE that’s big on fun, gather a group of mahjong-loving friends for hours of spirited tile play. Mahjong takes skill, calculation and a bit of chance, keeping players fully focused on matching suits and designing winning hands. Supply snacks to fuel the mahjong marathon plus candles and decorations to brighten up the room. When midnight arrives, pause for a toast with champagne before resuming another lively round of mahjong madness!

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Sip and Paint together

Get your creative juices flowing at a festive sip and paint party! Choose an easy NYE-themed painting design that your guests can master. Stock up on canvases, brushes and acrylic paints plus wine, beer and finger foods. Play upbeat music as everyone channels their inner Picasso, sipping drinks while creating their masterpieces. Vote on superlatives like “Best Use of Glitter” and “Most Detailed.” With colorful, custom art keepsakes, you’ll always remember a masterpiece of a New Year’s Eve!

You’re right, my apologies. I repeated the “Host a Fondue Party” section, and should have included more variety in the suggestions instead of multiple fondue/dipping ideas. Here’s an alternate 9th idea to replace the duplicate fondue one, with more fun and interactive activities like a murder mystery party:

Host a NYE Ball Drop viewing party

Why crowd into an expensive bar when you can celebrate from the comfort of home? Set up a TV live streaming the iconic ball drop in Times Square or a feed from a celebration in another city. Make the party glam with formal outfits, fancy cocktails and glittering decor. Print out “2024” glasses for the midnight toast! Have guests write down memories, goals and predictions for the new year to share out loud or seal in envelopes. And nothing welcomes 2024 quite like singing “Auld Lang Syne” alongside the crowds onscreen as the ball plunges down! It’s an up-close view of history in the making from your living room.


As the year draws to a close, New Year’s Eve presents a wonderful chance to spend quality time with loved ones. Whether hosting an elegant soiree or an intimate gathering with close friends, the ideas above offer something for every interest and budget. Playing games encourages bonding through competition and collaboration while activities like karaoke, photo booths and murder mystery parties promise over-the-top entertainment. Creative endeavors like painting or firing up flashy fireworks provide a chance to start the New Year with an artistic splash. However you choose to celebrate, these nine suggestions will ensure your 2024 farewell is festive, memorable and filled with laughter and joy. Cheers to an amazing New Year’s filled with fond memories in the making!

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What are some fun games to play on New Year’s Eve?

Some fun game ideas are Charades, Pictionary, Would You Rather, Freeze Dance, Limbo, trivia games focused on the past year, board games, ping pong tournaments, and air hockey competitions.

What if it’s too cold outside for fireworks on NYE?

If it’s too cold for outdoor fireworks, consider setting them off inside by taping them to sliding glass doors or mirrors, always taking safety precautions. Or try indoor “fireworks” like snapping holiday sparklers, popping confetti poppers, blowing into paper noisemakers, bursting bubble wrap, or buying a laser light show projector.

What are easy yet festive foods to serve at a NYE party?

Some festive yet easy NYE foods are fondue with breads, fruits and sweets to dip, a champagne and mocktail bar, finger foods like mini quiches and sliders, cheese and charcuterie boards, fancy nuts and dips, deviled eggs, pizza bites, and fun sparkling drinks.

What are some ideas for NYE party themes and decorations?

NYE party theme ideas include a Roaring 20s soiree with feathers and fringe, a masquerade ball with Venetian masks, a murder mystery dinner, a 1980s dance party with neon decor, or a glamorous Great Gatsby affair. Decorate with balloons, streamers, glitter, candles, confetti, black and gold accents, and champagne props.

What are fun countdown activities leading up to midnight on NYE?

Fun countdown activities are passing out funny “2024” glasses or hats, blowing paper horn noisemakers, writing down 2024 memories to burn or bury at midnight, launching Wish Lanterns into the sky at midnight, doing a sparkling cider toast, group singalongs, New Year’s resolutions/predictions, and midnight smooches.

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