11 Things to Do on New Year’s Eve – 2024

The new year’s eve is a time to celebrate and look forward to the coming year. As the clock strikes 12, it marks a new beginning full of possibilities and hopes. If you are wondering how to celebrate this momentous occasion, here are 11 amazing ideas to welcome the new year with a bang!

Things to Do on New Year's Eve

1. Host or attend a house party

A new year’s eve party at home with your close friends and family is classic yet exciting. You can keep it low-key with good music, food, drinks and great company. Or go all out by dressing up, decorating your house, making fun cocktails, and playing games. Having an intimate celebration is a great way to reminisce the old times and ring in the new year.

Pro Tip: Prepare a special new year’s eve playlist with dance, retro and chartbuster songs to keep the energy going.

2. Have a fancy dinner

Book a table at a nice restaurant or hotel serving special new year’s eve dinner. Get dressed in your stylish best and enjoy gourmet food, champagne, music and views of fireworks at midnight (if you are lucky!). It’s a great way to end the year on a luxurious note. You can also plan a lavish dinner at home – cook up a storm or order from your favorite restaurant. Light some candles, use your fancy tableware and enjoy the celebratory vibes.

3. Go pub hopping

Going bar hopping on new year’s eve can be real fun. Many pubs and clubs host DJ nights, live music, dance performances and gala dinners. You can head to a happening party spot, sing along to the countdown, join in the celebrations and make new friends!

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Safety Tip: Ensure you have a designated driver or reliable transport to get back home safely after the revelries.

4. Watch fireworks

One of the best parts of new year’s eve is the dazzling fireworks display. Find out iconic landmarks or spots in your city that light up the skies at midnight. Wrap up warmly, take a thermos of hot chocolate and watch a spectacular show of lights with your loved ones.

Insider Info: Get to the fireworks viewing spot early to grab a good view. Going to a height gives an even better vantage point.

5. Go camping

If you love the outdoors, new year’s eve camping is wonderful with a campfire, music and starry skies. Invite friends, take your tents or RVs to a campsite, tell stories, play guitar and dance under the moonlight. As the clock strikes 12, wish each other happy new year! It’s a back-to-basics way to welcome another year.

6. Host a games night

Deck up your living room and call friends over for a new year’s eve games night. Include both board games and video games so there’s something for everyone. Prepare tasty snacks to munch on while you are busy gaming. As midnight nears, take a break to watch fireworks on TV and make new year’s toasts!

7. Movie marathon

Can’t think of how to spend new year’s eve? How about binge-watching movies back to back? Make hot buttered popcorn, grab cosy blankets and pick comedy flicks or classics to laugh your way into the new year. You can make it a themed marathon of your favourite genre. A movie marathon needs zero effort and gives maximum joy.

8. Karaoke house party

Channel your inner rockstar with a home karaoke party on new year’s eve. Make fun cocktails as everyone arrives. Set up the karaoke machine, microphones and speakers to belt out your favourite numbers. Dim the lights, create a makeshift stage and put on a show as you count down to welcome 2024. It’s sure to be a night full of music, cheers and creating memories.

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9. Masquerade ball

If you want to do something dazzling and dramatic for new year’s eve, host a masquerade ball. Deck up your home with glitzy decor – balloons, streamers, confetti, graffiti walls. Ask your guests to dress up in suits, gowns and Venetian masks. Play dance numbers as everyone mingles with mystery under the glittery disco ball. Unmask at midnight to ring in the new year in style.

10. New Year’s Eve cruise

One lavish way to celebrate the 31st of December is going on a new year’s eve cruise. Many cruise liners host glittering parties with gourmet buffets, music, performances and ballroom dancing as the ship sails along picturesque waters. You can enjoy fireworks at sea and dance the night away in glamourous fashion. With endless entertainment, food and views, it makes for an unforgettable new year’s eve experience.

11. Times Square from home

Can’t make it to the Times Square ball drop in New York City? No problem! Set up a Times Square party at home with your best buddies. Deck up your living room with NYE party props. Watch the Times Square celebrations and musical performances streaming live on your TV as you recreate the magic. Prepare hot dogs, burgers, pizza and other American treats. Count down to midnight and ring in the new year with the world from the comfort of your couch!


The new year’s eve night is what you make of it. Whether you are planning an intimate dinner, camping under the stars, partying at a pub or watching fireworks on TV – choose something that excites you. The most important thing is spending the last moments of 2024 with your favourite people and welcoming 2024 with laughter, joy and new dreams. As you make new year’s resolutions and goals, remember to be grateful for the passing year with all its ups and downs. Pat yourself for making it through and starting afresh. Stay positive and determined as you embark on new beginnings. Here’s wishing you a very happy, healthy and prosperous new year ahead!

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What are some fun new year’s eve traditions?

Popular new year’s eve traditions include champagne toasts at midnight, singing ‘Auld Lang Syne’, wearing silly 2024 eyeglasses, blowing noisemakers, stomping grapes, writing new year’s wishes on paper and burning them.

What should I wear on new year’s eve?

Sparkles, sequins and glamour! Opt for flashy, stylish dresses, suits, or anything that makes you feel fabulous. Metallic, black and gold are classic NYE colours. Top hats, flapper headbands, crowns or Venetian masks make fun accessories.

What food and drinks should I serve for a new year’s party?

Finger foods like snacks, appetisers, canapes work well so guests can mingle easily. Champagne, cocktails, mocktails, wine, beer along with non-alcoholic drinks ensure all tastes are covered. Set up a hot chocolate bar too!

How do I stay safe on new year’s eve?

Avoid drinking and driving by designating a driver, taking public transport or booking a cab in advance. Stay together with your group while partying. Drink responsibly – eat enough food and alternate alcoholic drinks with water to stay hydrated.

What traditional new year’s foods bring good luck?

In different cultures, lentils, pork, fish, grapes, black-eyed peas, pomegranates, greens etc. are considered lucky new year foods symbolising prosperity, money and health for the coming year.

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