Top 10 Best Reverse Image Search Tools (Free)

Introduction to Reverse Image Search

Reverse image search allows you to take an image and find similar or matching images online. This can be useful for finding the original source of an image, detecting copyright infringements or fake profiles using someone else’s photos, researching an image further, and more. In this article, we will look at the top 10 best free reverse image search tools available and their key features.

What is reverse image search?

Reverse image search, also known as reverse image lookup, is a technique to find matching or similar images online given an image file or image URL. Most search engines like Google allow you to search for images using keywords or descriptions. Reverse image search turns this around – you provide an actual image to find related images.

Reverse Image Search

Why is reverse image search useful?

Here are some common uses of reverse image lookups:

  • Find original source or context of an image
  • Fact check images and verify authenticity
  • Detect fake profiles or copyright infringement
  • Research an image further when no other information is available
  • Identify people, places, objects or memes in an image
  • Discover edits or manipulations done to an image
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So whether you are looking to trace the origins of a profile picture or get more context about a random viral image, reverse image search can help.

Top 10 free reverse image search tools

There are many reverse image lookup services available online, both free and paid. Here are the best ones you can use for free:

1. Google Images

  • Largest image search engine
  • Intuitive upload and search options
  • Provides web page source of images
  • Limited advanced filters

2. TinEye

  • Specialized reverse image search
  • Shows where image appears online
  • Provides change history if edited over time
  • Limited size and scope compared to Google

3. Yandex

  • Good for facial recognition search
  • Fast and accurate matching
  • Indexes images globally
  • User interface not very intuitive

4. Bing Visual Search

  • Identifies objects, landmarks and personalities
  • Real-time camera image search
  • Presents related information neatly
  • Scope limited to Bing’s index

5. KarmaDecay

  • Specialized for Reddit
  • Finds original Reddit post source
  • Checks for meme origins
  • Specific to Reddit posts only

6. RevEye

  • Multiple search engine integrated
  • Top results prominently displayed
  • Gives search engine wise results
  • Slightly cumbersome workflow

7. ImageRaider

  • Fast multi-engine checker
  • Broad range of sources
  • Sorts unique vs duplicate result
  • Text and data heavy results

8. SearchbyImage

  • Simple drag and drop uploading
  • Broad database coverage
  • Direct URL search option
  • Dated looking interface


  • Specialized for anime/manga
  • Identifies illustrations efficiently
  • Links to source sites well
  • Niche focus area only

10. Pinterest Lens

  • Allows reverse image search from Pinterest app
  • Handy for searching Pinterest pins
  • Provides visually similar ideas
  • Limited to images indexed by Pinterest
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11. Image Searcher

  • Upload or browser extension capture
  • Google, Bing and Yandex integrated
  • Pagination for more results
  • No advanced filters or options

So these are the top 10 free reverse image search engines you can readily use to find matching or similar images available online.

Key features of a good reverse image search tool

While picking an image lookup tool, look for these handy features:

Visual recognition capabilities

The tool should use AI and machine learning to identify actual objects, places, people, text etc. inside images, and not just match similar looking image thumbnails.

Multiple search engine integration

Using multiple search indexes gives better coverage and chances of finding original or related images. Reliance on just one portal’s database has limitations.

Upload and URL search options

Ability to upload images directly as well as providing an image URL or webpage address to search gives more flexibility.

Source linking and attribution

The search tool should provide links to original image source or posting websites for proper attribution. This also helps identify authenticity.

Advanced filters

Added parameters like image size, color, date range, usage rights etc. come handy for refining your search and getting closer matches.


Reverse image lookup is a valuable technique to verify, research and learn more about an image from the internet. Using the right tool for the job makes the process much easier. The top 10 options we covered offer the best features, integration and capabilities for free. With powerful reverse image search services just a click away, tracking down visual media is faster and more convenient than ever. As artificial intelligence capabilities continue to advance, image recognition and matching technologies are sure to become even more sophisticated.

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What are the benefits of reverse image search?

Reverse image search allows you to verify the original source or context of an image, detect fake profiles using others’ photos, fact check and research images further, identify people/objects in images and more.

Is reverse image search legal?

Using reverse image search is completely legal in most countries and serves an important purpose. However using images without proper attribution or consent may infringe copyrights.

Can reverse image search be used on mobile?

Many reverse image search services like Google, Yandex and TinEye have mobile browsers or apps that allow you to easily upload and search for images from your smartphone.

Which is better for facial recognition – Yandex or Google?

Yandex uses more advanced facial recognition and is generally more accurate than Google for identifying people from profile pictures or images containing faces.

What sites does KarmaDecay support?

Unlike broader services, KarmaDecay focuses specifically on Reddit images and memes. So it checks if the image you upload matches any existing Reddit submissions.

MK Usmaan