How to Get Auto Clicker? Step-by-Step Guide

An auto clicker is a software program that automates mouse clicks at preset intervals. Auto clickers can be useful for various tasks, especially tedious repetitive clicking jobs. This article will discuss what an auto clicker is, why you may want to use one, and provide step-by-step instructions for getting an auto clicker on both Windows PCs and Chromebooks.

What is an Auto Clicker?

An auto clicker, also known as an auto mouse clicker, is an accessibility software tool that simulates mouse clicks at a predefined rate. The main purpose of an auto clicker app is to automate repetitive pointing and clicking tasks. Auto clicker software allows configuring options like the interval between clicks, mouse button to simulate, area of the screen to click, and more. This eliminates the need for continuous manual input.

Reasons to Use an Auto Clicker

Here are some common reasons why people use auto clicker programs:

Perform Repetitive Actions

Auto clickers excel at speeding up repetitive tasks like clicking a button or point repeatedly in games and apps. They can simulate thousands of clicks per hour, far more than possible manually.

Accessibility Aid

People with disabilities like arthritis, carpal tunnel, or other conditions causing finger/hand pain may use auto clickers rather than manually click a mouse which could be difficult or painful.

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Automate Simple Tasks

Auto clickers can automate basic apps and processes requiring left/right clicking at set intervals, like keeping a computer awake or maintaining an active internet connection.


Software testers may use auto clickers to simulate application usage and load testing for finding bugs. The automated clicks can replicate user actions.

Popular Auto Clickers List

Here is a list of some popular and commonly used auto clicker programs:

  1. MurGee Auto Clicker: Free auto clicker for Windows with advanced features like random interval clicks. One of the most downloaded.
  2. OP Auto Clicker: Easy-to-use free auto clicker for Windows with options for randomizing clicks.
  3. Lucky Clicker: Lightweight auto clicker for Windows with a simple interface and useful tools like click counter.
  4. Auto Click Typer: Automates typing and clicking for Windows and has a portable version.
  5. Auto Mouse Click: Small free program to automate left, right, and double clicks.
  6. Ghost Mouse: Tiny, open source Windows auto clicker that’s fully customizable.
  7. Auto Clicker by Shocker: Basic automatic clicker for Windows with some randomness and replay macro capability.
  8. Ez Auto Clicker: Feature packed Windows auto clicker supporting hotkeys, random clicks, and click recording.
  9. Auto Soft Clicker: Unique Windows application that offers touchscreen style automated clicking.
  10. Clicker 7: Sophisticated commercial Windows software for automation beyond just auto clicking.

The most popular free choices for simple auto clicking on Windows are typically MurGee, OP Auto Clicker, and Lucky Clicker due to being easy to configure while providing enough custom options for most users’ needs. Advanced users may prefer more complex tools like Auto Click Typer, Ghost Mouse, or commercial solutions like Clicker 7.

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Getting an Auto Clicker on Windows

There are many good free and paid auto clickers available for Windows. Here are directions for a popular free option called MurGee:

1. Download MurGee

Visit and click the Download button to get the MurGee auto clicker installer file.

2. Run the Installer

Double click the downloaded .exe file and follow the prompts to install MurGee on your Windows PC.

3. Configure Settings

Open MurGee and you can customize options like hotkey, click interval, mouse button, and position.

4. Start Clicking

Choose a preset (single click, double click etc) or use your custom settings and hit “Start” to initiate automated clicking! Enjoy handsfree pointing and clicking.

Getting an Auto Clicker on Chromebook

Chromebooks cannot install traditional Windows auto clicking programs, however there are Chrome extensions providing auto click functionality:

1. Get Auto Clicker for Chrome

Install this Chrome extension for auto clicking capability in ChromeOS.

2. Set Hotkey

After adding to Chrome, you can set the keyboard hotkey to quickly toggle the auto clicker on/off.

3. Customize Settings

Adjust options like intervals between clicks, duration before stopping, mouse button clicked and cursor movement speed.

4. Start Automated Clicking

Activate with your chosen hotkey and the extension will simulate automatic mouse clicks!

Auto Clicker Considerations

While very useful, it helps being mindful of responsible auto clicker usage:

  • Avoid illegally automating paid games/services unless permitted
  • Don’t use to spread clicks faster than humanly possible
  • Make sure to stop when no longer needed

Configure carefully and auto clickers become a handy tool to simplify repetitive computer work!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to common questions about obtaining and using auto clickers:

Are auto clickers safe to use?

Yes, reputable auto clickers from known providers are generally safe programs. As with any software, it’s wise to use trustworthy sources.

Do auto clickers work on laptops?

Yes, auto clickers work equally well on Windows laptops as they do on desktop PCs. Laptop functionality is the same.

Can auto clickers cause computer problems?

Auto clickers are unlikely to cause issues if used reasonably for their designed purpose. Excessively rapid automated clicking may overload some systems.

Are auto clickers detectable in games?

Some anti cheat video game systems can detect unusually rapid or patterned clicks from auto clickers. Use ethically in games based on their rules.

Do auto clickers allow pausing?

Yes, reliable auto clickers provide hotkeys or buttons to pause/resume automated clicking as needed without stopping completely.


Installing an auto clicker on a Windows PC or Chromebook is straightforward once you select a good program. Auto clickers excel at reducing repetitive strain for rote computer tasks requiring high volumes of mouse clicks. Be sure to configure your chosen clicker responsibly. When used properly, they are a handy addition to any desktop or laptop toolkit.