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Top 10 Best Solar Providers in 2024: Top-Tier Solar Solutions!

The solar energy industry saw monumental growth in 2023, and the momentum is expected to continue this year. As more homes and businesses make the switch to solar power, the demand for experienced solar installation companies rises. This article will explore the top 10 solar companies in 2024 that homeowners and property owners should consider when going solar.

What to Look for in a Solar Company

When evaluating solar providers, there are several key factors to consider outside of cost. These include:

  • Experience and years in business
  • Quality of equipment and solar panels
  • Warranties and guarantees
  • Installer training and certifications
  • Customer service and post-installation support
  • Financing options
  • And more

The top solar companies featured below excel in these areas and stand out from the growing list of solar installers across the country. We based our rankings on third-party solar company review sites, customer satisfaction levels, industry awards and recognitions, and more.

Top 10 Solar Providers 2024

Top 10 Solar Providers

1. SunPower

Founded in 1985, SunPower brings over 35 years of solar expertise. As a vertically integrated manufacturer and installer, SunPower handles the entire solar process from panel production to system installation and monitoring. The company offers:

  • High-efficiency solar panels with industry-leading warranties
  • Complete system customization for complex roof designs or landscapes
  • SunPower Equinox® home energy system for storage and management
  • Award-winning customer service from solar experts

SunPower has installed over 500,000 solar power systems globally, maintaining outstanding consumer satisfaction scores in the process. While SunPower tends to cost more upfront, homeowners can potentially recoup premium pricing through high energy output and savings over decades of operation.

2. Tesla

As a world-renowned technology and EV company, Tesla draws massive consumer interest in its solar and battery storage products. Tesla Energy operates solar and storage installations through a vertically integrated process, including custom panel and shingle manufacturing.

Notable benefits of Tesla solar include:

  • Integrated battery options for solar energy storage
  • Innovative solar roof shingles that resemble traditional roofing
  • Sleek, high-efficiency solar panels
  • Custom system design through 3D satellite imaging
  • Remote monitoring and management through phone apps
  • Low price commitment guaranteed for decades

With cutting-edge solar tech and batteries, Tesla makes a strong case for homeowners wanting the latest and greatest systems. You pay a premium cost for the brand notoriety, convenience, and advanced engineering.

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3. Sunrun

As the largest dedicated home solar and battery storage provider in the U.S., Sunrun manages over 600,000 customers nationally. With a focus on simple and affordable solar, Sunrun offers:

  • Free home solar assessments
  • Customized system plans for new and existing homes
  • Streamlined installation process
  • Sunrun solar app for remote access and control
  • Pre-negotiated solar loans through Sunrun’s securitized lending program
  • Battery storage integration

Sunrun handles solar leasing and financial ownership programs through stadium advertising and grassroots marketing campaigns. Homeowners can take advantage of Sunrun’s low pricing and national scale (despite some variability in contractor quality).

4. Vivint Solar

Vivint Solar separates itself as a leading full-service solar provider managing everything from equipment sales to financing to monitoring. Key benefits of Vivint Solar include:

  • Free design consultations and customized quotes
  • $0 down financing options and affordable power purchase agreements
  • Extended warranties covering maintenance, repairs, and removal
  • Option for Vivint smart home tech integration
  • Certified installers that service a multi-state region

By managing client relationships for 20+ years through power purchase agreements, Vivint fosters longer-term partnerships with homeowners. Round-the-clock support also helps troubleshoot any system-related issues.

5. Freedom Forever

Headquartered in California, Freedom Forever brings over 15 years of solar expertise working with residential properties across dozens of states. As a full-service company, Freedom Forever handles:

  • Free site evaluations and shade analysis
  • Customized panel and battery packages
  • Low-cost financing assistance (investors underwrite all options)
  • In-house installations without third-party partnerships
  • Leading warranty programs in the industry

Freedom Forever manages savings expectations and system oversight through software projections and real-time data monitoring. Customers also access energy usage insights through the company’s solar dashboard.

6. Momentum Solar

For homeowners seeking fast and hassle-free solar installations, Momentum Solar focuses on speed and simplicity throughout its processes. Key advantages include:

  • 24-hour solar proposal turnarounds
  • Expedited 2-5 day installation timelines
  • $0 down financing and flexible payment options
  • Limited lifetime workmanship warranty on labor
  • Strong online visibility and ratings across customer review sites

Momentum Solar brings a veteran leadership team spanning military, finance, and construction backgrounds. As a newer entrant into residential solar (2009), Momentum Solar is one of the fastest growing private solar companies in the U.S.

7. Arcadia Power

As a nationwide clean energy provider, Arcadia Power gives homeowners solar options beyond installing rooftop systems. Core offerings include:

  • Community solar subscriptions to share energy from off-site installations
  • Energy rate comparison tools that integrate with 100+ utility providers nationwide
  • Clean energy usage tracking through smart meter connections
  • Carbon offset purchases that indirectly expand renewable energy
  • Ongoing rate optimization services from energy experts
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Arcadia Power makes large-scale renewable energy accessible without long-term contracts or rooftop panel requirements. Subscriptions work everywhere (including rentals and apartments), although direct monetary savings vary.

8. EnergySage

Acting as the “Expedia for solar panels”, EnergySage operates an online marketplace connecting millions of homeowners with its robust installer network spanning the U.S. As an impartial shopping platform, key features include:

  • Detailed provider profiles for easy comparison
  • Consumer satisfaction ratings for each solar company
  • Free solar estimates without obligation
  • Unbiased guidance on manufacturers, financing, incentives, and sizing
  • Ongoing support navigating vendor selection and proposals

Through a competitive bidding process online, EnergySage facilitates more choice and negotiating leverage to find the best installers at the best price in a given area.

9. Trinity Solar

Succeeding as a leading regional solar provider in the Northeast U.S., Trinity Solar performs solar and storage installations in nine states. Trinity Solar delivers:

  • Custom solar and clean energy systems
  • Locally-based operations with crews covering set regions
  • Battery backup integration for continuous power
  • Specialized expertise helping government, education, and non-profit groups go solar
  • Title 24 compliance management for California properties

With strict contractor credentialing and support team standards in its regional territories, Trinity oversees quality and timeliness from sale to commissioning. This type of hyperlocal presence holds Trinity Solar in high regard across the Northeast.

10. Pink Energy

Formerly known as POWERHOME Solar, Pink Energy rebranded in 2022 as an established clean energy provider operating in 15 states. Areas where Pink Energy shines include:

  • $0 down solar financing requiring no equity in most cases
  • Highly-rated customer support department
  • Professional installation crew members (no subcontracting)
  • Ongoing production monitoring to track savings
  • Coverage across coastal, southern, and eastern states

Pink Energy concentrates expertise across specific geographies beyond its North Carolina headquarters. This gives local teams the proficiency to navigate regulations and incentivizes where they work day-to-day.


While no universal “best” solar company exists for everyone, the appropriately matched provider can make all the difference in determining long-lasting satisfaction. As the featured companies show, premier solar vendors differentiate themselves across finances, customization, project management, equipment, post-installation care, and beyond. Working with reputable local solar installers also ensures adequate post-commissioning support under manufacturers’ equipment warranties. Leveraging solar incentives and clean energy programs further maximizes value over the system lifespan.

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With hundreds of qualified solar companies operating today, the due diligence remains on homeowners to secure the superior fit. Do you want premium products or more affordability? Full-service regional partners or national corporations? Purpose-driven organizations or profit-driven providers? Making the effort on the front-end better aligns expectations over a 20-30 year relationship. So explore all avenues, seek rebates, and find your perfect solar match in 2024. Consumption and emissions benchmarks show no signs of slowing as the next generation of panels, inverters, and batteries launch this year!


Which solar company offers the “best” warranty protection?

SunPower is recognized for industry-leading warranty coverage of its A-Series solar panels for 25 years along with a prorated 92% efficiency replacement guarantee for their entire lifetime. Many leading providers offer stellar equipment warranties too.

How much do solar panels increase my home resale value?

Installing solar can boost resale value by about 4% on average, according to the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and other sources. Premium solar brand systems (like Tesla) sometimes garner higher appraisal value for their recognition and cutting-edge reputations.

Can I add solar panels if my roof needs replacement soon?

You can install solar now and plan for roof replacement down the line. Make sure to discuss timeframes openly with prospective solar installers to allow for panel removal and re-installation costs later when budgeting initially.

Which states offer the best solar incentives now?

Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York and Rhode Island feature strong statewide solar incentives along with cities and towns providing property exemptions or rebates. States with ample sun exposure also rise for long-term savings potential.

Is battery storage a requirement for solar system installations?

A:Battery storage is optional but increasingly popular for sustaining overnight power, handling outage resilience, and maximizing solar usage. Falling equipment costs, evolving home usage, and shifting rate structures provide more storage value today.

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