How to Get Sunday Ticket? NFL Sunday ticket on firestick 2024

Sunday Ticket is the ultimate package for any NFL fan who wants to be able to watch every game every Sunday. With Sunday Ticket, you get access to all the Sunday afternoon games that are played, regardless of where you live. For die-hard football fans, it’s an absolute must-have. But how exactly can you get Sunday Ticket? Here’s a comprehensive guide on the various ways to get this coveted sports package.

NFL Sunday Ticket

NFL Sunday Ticket Tips and Tricks

Here are some additional tricks and tips for getting free or discounted NFL Sunday Ticket access:

  1. Use a friend’s DirecTV Stream login: If you know someone who subscribes to DirecTV Stream with Sunday Ticket, ask them if you can use their login to watch games for free. Streaming allows 2 concurrent streams, so you may be able to piggyback off their access.
  2. Referral discounts: DirecTV and DirecTV Stream often provide referral codes to existing users. Get a code from a friend and you can save $10-20 off your first month of Sunday Ticket access. Every bit counts!
  3. Free previews: During the NFL season, keep an eye out for free previews. DirecTV has been known to offer 1 week free trials of Sunday Ticket near the end of the regular NFL season as a preview for potential subscribers.
  4. Check third party seller sites: Sites like eBay or Craigslist sometimes have people reselling Sunday Ticket logins for the season after they realize they won’t use it anymore. You may be able to snag leftover access for cheap here later in the season.
  5. Rewards programs: Some credit card rewards programs provide NFL Sunday Ticket access for free as a rewards redemption option. Check your favorite rewards cards to see if they are offering anything.
  6. Food & drink specials: Many sports bars and buffalo wild wings offer discounted food and drinks during NFL games to draw customers. Take advantage of these deals if you don’t mind catching the games out and about.

Streaming Options

DirecTV Stream

The most traditional way to subscribe to Sunday Ticket is through DirecTV Stream. This streaming TV service offers various packages, with Sunday Ticket available as an add-on for an extra fee. Here’s what you need to know about getting Sunday Ticket through DirecTV Stream:

  • You must first subscribe to one of the DirecTV Stream packages like Choice or above
  • Then you can add Sunday Ticket Max for a fee of $395.99 per season
  • This gives you access to stream every live out-of-market Sunday game
  • You can watch the games on many devices like phones, tablets, computers etc.
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One thing to note is that DirecTV Stream is the only way to get Sunday Ticket without being a student. More on that later.

Other Streaming Services

While DirecTV Stream is the exclusive provider, Sunday Ticket is not available on other streaming platforms like Hulu, YouTube TV, Sling TV or FuboTV. So if you want Sunday Ticket while cutting the cord, DirecTV Stream is your only choice.

Eligibility For Students

Current university and college students are eligible for a special Sunday Ticket package at a big discount. Here are the specifics:

NFL Sunday Ticket U

  • Available only for students at a cost of $99 per season
  • Gives access to stream every live out-of-market Sunday game
  • Just have to verify student eligibility by uploading documents

So if you’re a student, this is undoubtedly the most affordable way to get Sunday Ticket and enjoy every Sunday game for just a Benjamin.

Other Ways To Get Sunday Ticket

Beyond the streaming options and student deals, there are a couple other unconventional ways to get access to all those glorious Sunday games through Sunday Ticket:

NFL Game Pass International

  • Available for $99 outside the US if connected to a non-US IP address
  • Gives access to all 256 regular season games live, including Sunday games

So if you want to connect through a VPN and pretend you’re not accessing from America, this international NFL Game Pass will get you Sunday Ticket access at a comparable price.

DirecTV Satellite

  • If you don’t mind a satellite dish, you can sign up for DirecTV’s satellite TV and add on Sunday Ticket there
  • More expensive than streaming version but necessary if you want the Monday and Thursday night games too

Yes, old school satellite DirecTV subscribers can also get Sunday Ticket provided you have an eligible package and pay that nearly $400 fee for the season.

Which Devices Can I Use?

A common question is which devices allow you to stream Sunday Ticket games if you do subscribe through one of the aforementioned options. Well, you can conveniently stream games on:

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Smartphones and Tablets

Android phones, iPhones, Android tablets, iPads and Amazon Fire tablets all have apps to stream the games.

Laptops and Computers

On your Windows PC or Mac laptops, you can watch games through the respective apps or by logging in through a browser.

Streaming Devices

Over-the-top streaming devices like Roku, Apple TV 4K, Amazon Fire TV, Android TV and Google TV also have Sunday Ticket apps. So whatever your device of preference, you should be able to catch those Sunday games on the go or big screen.

How Many Games Can I Watch?

If the ability to watch any game wasn’t clear yet, Sunday Ticket actually gives you access to over 13 games simultaneously every Sunday. The main channels will focus on the marquee matchups while the Mix Channels jump around to the other games around the league so you need not miss a minute of football action. You can be sure you’ll never be short of excitement with the ability to watch different games at once.

Are Any Games Blacked Out?

With so much choice available, blackout restrictions are inevitable. So which local games are prohibited due to broadcasting rights?

Local Sunday Afternoon Games

Sunday afternoon games that are broadcast locally in your region will be blacked out on Sunday Ticket.

National Broadcasts

Games shown on national networks like Fox, CBS, NBC or ESPN also won’t be available as part of Sunday Ticket. So late afternoon matchups and primetime games are off limits. But you still get all the early Sunday magic!

Can I Cancel At Any Time?

Don’t worry if your plans go awry or you simply have had enough football for the season. You can cancel your Sunday Ticket subscription at any time without penalty.

Monthly Subscriptions

If you pay month-to-month, you can cancel before the next billing cycle and be free of charges.

Upfront Payments

Even if you pay upfront as a lump sum, you can get a prorated refund for the remaining weeks in the season when you cancel. So while the commitment is strong for football fans at the start of the season, you have the flexibility to bow out if needed down the road.

NFL Sunday Ticket on a Firestick

  1. Install Locast on your Firestick. Locast is a nonprofit app that streams some local channels, including CBS, Fox, and NBC which show many NFL games. Locast is free but asks for donations.
  2. Consider getting an HD antenna for your Firestick. With an OTA antenna, you can access free over-the-air local broadcasts of NFL games shown in your market on CBS, Fox, NBC and more.
  3. Use a valid student email address to sign up for NFL+ on your Firestick. NFL+ offers live local and primetime game streams for just $29.99 with a student subscription. Much cheaper than full Sunday Ticket.
  4. Search the web for any free trials or promo discounts available for DirecTV Stream during football season. They carry Sunday Ticket and sometimes offer deals. You can cancel after the trial/discounts.
  5. Check out sports bars near you! Many run food and drinks specials during NFL games. So consider watching the games out for a discounted price.
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Whether you bleed your favorite team’s colors or just can’t ever get enough football, Sunday Ticket is the holy grail, offering unlimited access to NFL action. Getting your hands on it does require some strategic moves like verifying student eligibility or even connecting to international servers with a VPN. But the ends justify the means when enjoying such a glory-filled privilege. Just decide if going the full DirecTV satellite route or a streaming-only package meets your needs and get ready for some hard-hitting Sunday football!


Does Sunday Ticket include RedZone?

Yes! No extra payment needed. The acclaimed RedZone channel is part of the standard Sunday Ticket package for the ultimate football fan experience.

Can I record and replay games later?

Absolutely. With the DVR add-on for DirecTV Stream, you can record live Sunday games and replay them on demand as many times as you want.

How many devices can stream at once?

You can register up to 10 devices and stream on 2 at the same time per account. Extra streams can be purchased if needed.

Does video quality depend on my internet speed?

Yes, with all streaming services, a faster internet connection means higher video quality. For the best experience, a connection above 25Mbps is recommended.

What if I have additional questions?

Reach out to a DirecTV Stream customer service agent via phone, chat or email if you have any other questions. Agents are available 24/7.