10 Best Free to Use AI Background Changer (2024)

Changing the background of an image can be tedious and time-consuming using traditional photo editing software. However, with advancements in AI technology, there are now many free online tools that allow you to instantly replace backgrounds with just a few clicks. These AI-powered background changers utilize deep learning to seamlessly segment the foreground from the background and apply new backdrops automatically.

10 Best Free to Use AI Background Changer (2024)

In this article, we will look at 10 of the best free AI background changers available and what makes them stand out from the competition.

What is an AI background changer?

An AI background changer utilizes artificial intelligence and deep learning algorithms to analyze an image and automatically detect and remove the original background. It can then replace it with any new background you choose from its library or one you upload. This saves tons of time compared to manually using Photoshop.

The AI has been trained on millions of images to accurately identify people, objects, and complex backgrounds. Many background changers also offer features like automatically applying shadows or reflections for a more realistic composite.

Benefits of an AI background changer

There are many benefits to using an AI-powered background changer, including:

  • Speed – Changing backgrounds can be done in just seconds with a single click. No manual effort is required.
  • Simplicity – The AI handles all the complex processing. No editing expertise needed.
  • Professional results – Algorithms have been refined to produce natural, high-quality outputs.
  • Creative freedom – Swap backgrounds to anything imaginable with massive backdrop collections.
  • Accessibility – Many excellent free options are available requiring no subscriptions.

Top 10 free AI background changers

1. RemoveBG

RemoveBG is an extremely popular AI background remover used by professionals and amateurs alike. Despite its name, it also allows adding new backgrounds after lifting the original backdrop.

Key features:

  • No signup required
  • Bulk image processing
  • Auto background deletion and replacement
  • Simple drag and drop interface

The results are very accurate with only minor manual touch ups needed occasionally. It processes images rapidly and is free up to 50 edits per month.

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2. Slazzer

Slazzer touts itself as the world’s best background changer and it’s hard to argue. It offers professional-quality cutouts combined with tons of backgrounds and post-processing filters.

Key features:

  • Huge background library
  • Background editor
  • Shadows, lighting effects, and reflections
  • No watermarks on downloads
  • Unlimited high-quality exports

It really excels at realistic scene composites. The only limitation is uploads are restricted to 10 per day for free accounts.

3. BG Eraser

BG Eraser lets you erase and change backgrounds directly from your mobile device. This makes it extremely convenient for editing shots captured on smartphones.

Key features:

  • Mobile app
  • Color spill reduction
  • Auto background removal
  • Hundreds of HD backgrounds
  • Direct social media exporting

It may not be as advanced as some PC alternatives but delivers very fast automated edits with plenty of customizations on mobile.

4. PhotoRoom

PhotoRoom sports a clean interface for quick and intuitive background replacement. It’s also completely free with no ads or watermarks.

Key features:

  • No login or apps required
  • Auto background deletion
  • Hundreds of templates
  • Custom image backgrounds supported
  • Simple drag and drop editor

It may not have as extensive libraries as paid competitors but output quality is excellent. The ability to use your own images as backgrounds further expands possibilities.

5. Canva

Likely the most popular design platform overall, Canva also offers excellent built-in background removal and replacement tools.

Key features:

  • Simple editing directly within Canva
  • Support for transparent backgrounds
  • Huge media library including backgrounds
  • Web & mobile apps
  • Brand kit templates

While the automated background change isn’t as advanced as niche solutions, when combined with Canva’s design tools it empowers all sorts of easy content creation with customized backgrounds.

6. InPixio

If you’re looking for a fast AI-based background changer that just works, InPixio keeps things simple but effective.

Key features:

  • No account needed
  • Instant automated edits
  • Manual adjustment tools
  • Multiple export formats
  • Clean intuitive interface

It may lack some bells and whistles but delivers high-quality automated edits in seconds. Definitely worth trying if you want a smooth, frustration-free experience.

7. Media.io Backgroung Changer

As the name suggests, Media.io Backgroung Changer focuses specifically on swapping backgrounds. It also has handy built-in tools for other common edits.

Key features:

  • No login required
  • Instant AI background changes
  • Object removal
  • Resizing, filters & adjustments
  • Unlimited free downloads
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It won’t produce the absolute best cutouts but results are solid for most images and obtained rapidly by just clicking a single button.

8. LunaPic

LunaPic is an expansive free photo editor with a huge toolbox of filters and effects. This includes an effortless background changer for near-instant edits.

Key features:

  • Wide range of editing features
  • Automatic background removal
  • Custom image backgrounds
  • No watermarks
  • Simple browser-based interface

Being able to leverage various other touch up tools makes LunaPic extremely versatile for all sorts of image adjustments. The background changer itself is very fast and reliable too.

9. Fotor

Fotor advertises exceptional quality background changes completely free. It brings advanced capabilities without mandatory subscriptions or branding.

Key features:

  • No sign up needed
  • Precise background separation
  • Background editing tools
  • Multi image processing
  • Straightforward interface

PhotoLeto excels at accurately identifying complex structures like hair while maintaining colors and tones nicely. It’s slower than simpler tools but delivers noticeably better cutouts.

10. FocoClipping

FocoClipping offers most features entirely free including precise background removal and replacement with plenty of one-click filters too.

Key features:

  • No required registration
  • Selective section focusing
  • Color splash effects
  • Hundreds of editable backgrounds
  • Intuitive drag and drop editing

Its background separation capabilities are very solid, aided by easy object selection tools. It also enables color splash effects for more creative compositions with new backdrops.

What to look for in a background changer?

When evaluating an AI background changer, keep these key criteria in mind:

  • Accuracy – The tool should distinguish foreground subjects from backgrounds cleanly without messy artifacts. Hair and complex edges should retain shape precisely.
  • Speed – The best solutions enable single-click automated changes in seconds without lengthy processing delays.
  • Backdrop choice – More background options and libraries give greater creative flexibility. Ability to upload custom images is also useful.
  • Usability – The interface should be intuitive requiring no complex tools or expertise. Simple drag and drop functionality is ideal.
  • Output quality – Exports should be high-resolution without compression, watermarks or size limits.
  • Mobile apps – Background changing ability directly on mobile devices through Android and iOS apps improves convenience.
  • Free usage – Paid subscriptions being optional or at least generous free tiers allowing plenty of edits is necessary.

How to change a background easily?

Changing backgrounds with AI background changers is simple thanks to automation:

  1. Visit the remove.bg website or launch the mobile app
  2. Upload target image to edit
  3. Click auto background remove/replace button and wait a few seconds
  4. Select desired new backdrop from library or upload custom image
  5. Download instantly watermark-free with a single click!
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That’s all it takes in most cases—just seconds and two clicks total for professional-looking results!


AI background changers makes editing backgrounds faster, easier and more accessible than ever before. As the technology continues advancing, we can expect even more polished edits, additional features and fully automated editing requiring zero user effort.

For now, all the options covered above already deliver great results for free. Each caters to slightly different use cases and creative preferences so try a few to see which background changer fits your needs best!


Q: Is an AI background changer safe to use?

A: Yes, leading options use secure encryption and don’t store source images, only editing them client-side before local download. However, always read privacy policies thoroughly before use.

Q: Can AI background changers edit video?

A: Some niche paid platforms support video editing but most free web-based tools currently only change still image backgrounds. Video functionality may expand over time.

Q: What file types does it support?

A: Most support JPG and PNG images. Some also allow BMP, GIF and other formats. Maximum file size also varies so check individual services.

Q: Can I edit backgrounds on my phone?

A: Absolutely! Many feature dedicated mobile apps for iOS and Android. Alternatively, mobile browsers can access web-based tools too although apps often prove more convenient for editing on phones and tablets.

Q: Does it work for bulk or batch editing?

A: A few specialty background changers cater specifically to bulk/batch image processing. However most free general-purpose tools allow only individual image uploads so working with hundreds of photos may get tedious.