Best Cookie Clickers

Top 12 Best Cookie Clickers in 2024 (Free)

Cookie clicker games have become hugely popular over the years. The premise is simple – you click on a giant cookie to earn cookies that you can then spend on buildings and upgrades that earn you cookies automatically. It satisfies that primal urge we have to accumulate things, like a virtual scratch card. Most cookie clickers are free to play in your browser with no downloads required. They range from basic clickers to more advanced games with lots of things to unlock. If you want to just click away for a few minutes or get sucked into a world of cookie addiction, these cookie clicker games below are among the best you’ll find online for free.

Best Cookie Clickers List

Best Cookie Clickers list

1. Cookie Clicker

You can’t talk about cookie clickers without mentioning Cookie Clicker. This game kicked off the cookie clicking craze when it launched in 2013. It’s been updated since with new features like sugar lumps that unlock new buildings. At its core, Cookie Clicker is about clicking the big cookie as fast as you can to earn more cookies per second. You spend those cookies on buildings like Cursor or Farm that generate automatic cookie income. Soon you can afford more expensive buildings like the Mine or Shipment, pushing your cookie productivity ever higher. It’s a simple premise but strangely satisfying. Watching your cookie stash and cookies per second continue to rise is mesmerizing. The fun is in unlocking all the different buildings andboosts to reach higher cookie sums.

2. Cookie Clicker Classic

This is the classic version of Cookie Clicker before any major updates. It’s for Cookie Clicker purists who want the original experience.

You’ll just find the basic cookie and buildings here like Cursor, Grandma, Farm, Mine, etc. Click the cookie, buy buildings, earn cookies. That appealing Cookie Clicker core loop without any of the additional complexity added over the years. Cookie Clicker Classic is ideal if you find the regular Cookie Clicker overwhelming but still want to click cookies. It cuts out the extra features to go back to basics.

3. Clicker Heroes

Moving away from cookies but keeping the clicking spirit, Clicker Heroes substitutes tiny heroes for baked treats. It adds a classic RPG feel by battling monsters and bosses. Click or tap your hero to deal damage to enemies. Gold dropped by slain foes lets you hire new heroes with their own damage boosts. Similar to a cookie clicker, the more heroes in your party, the more dps dished out automatically. There are over 30 unique heroes to recruit on your quest to level 10,000. Each hero you add contributes both click damage and dps to speed you deeper into the adventure. Are you tempted by powerful new heroes like the faceless Beastlord or the gambling Dread Knight?

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4. Clickpunch

Fancy an idle clicker with a fighting theme? Clickpunch packs a punch with its boxing clicker gameplay. You take on the role of a feisty boxer clicking your way to stardom. Starting in amateur backstreet brawls you clickpunch your opponents until you can afford training upgrades like gloves and protein shakes. These boost your auto clicks so you can punch harder for more money. Keep training and winning fights to unlock new belts and weight divisions. Buy gyms, personal trainers, and better nutrition to become world champ. The further you progress, the more clickpunch cash you rake in. Can you defeat the legendary champions to become the greatest fighter ever?

5. Realm Grinder

In most clickers you play as an individual buying buildings and earning resources. Things are shaken up in Realm Grinder where you take charge of an entire fantasy kingdom. As the ruler of your realm it’s up to you to build houses, laboratories, inns and more for your loyal subjects. You collect taxes from the buildings to spend on upgrades and researches to build an even greater realm. There are intriguing story events that boost certain buildings or provide bonus resources. Align with good or evil factions to unlock further upgrades too. It brings more depth and replaying than a typical clicker game.

6. Time Clickers

Fight monsters across time itself in this innovative cookie clicker alternative. In Time Clickers you travel through different historical eras battling dangerous creatures. It starts in the stone age where you click cavemen to bash wild beasts for gold. You can spend gold to research better weapons and recruit skilled warriors to fight for you automatically. As the environments change from ancient worlds to futurescapes so do the type of creatures threatening humanity. Fire laser blasters at aliens and robots in space or battle zombies in a post-apocalyptic wasteland. There’s a great tech tree with over 100 upgrades plus ranks to promote your fighters. Unlock the secrets of time travel while clicking monsters back to extinction.

7. Particle Clicker

Discover the fundamental foundations of reality itself in Particle Clicker. Expand the limits of science by investigating strange quantum realms. You start with the classic model of electrons orbiting a nucleus. Click protons, neutrons and electrons floating inside atoms to generate energy. Spend this energy on exotic particles like muons or neutrinos that create higher energy gains automatically. Voyage inside even smaller quarks and discover evidence of mysterious dark matter. Research dark energy, antimatter, bosons and the Higgs field on a subatomic journey. What radical revelations hide deep within the quantum fabric of the universe? Particle Clicker mixes scientific intrigue with clicker cravings. Learning has never been so addictive!

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8. Candy Box 2

Fight monsters for treasure in this moreish cookie clicker alternative. Dive into Candy Box 2 for a sweet RPG clicking adventure. Your quest begins by clicking a lollipop over and over until you’ve collected enough candy to open the chocolate box. Inside awaits your first weapon – a handy stick. Venture out into the ASCII overworld bashing enemies to unlock new weapons, armor, spells and maps. There are dungeons to explore, towns to visit and peculiar characters to meet too. It soon becomes hugely engrossing as an accessible RPG. Combine clicking action with compass directions to battle bosses guarding candies. Mine for relics, go fishing, even grow magic beans in surprising depth from humble candy clicker beginnings.

9. Bitcoin Billionaire

Cookie clickers tap into that human desire for endless accumulation. Now you can click your way to mountains of virtual money with Bitcoin Billionaire. Rather than cookies or candy, this tapper is all about gathering bitcoins. You play as a bitcoin investor manically clicking floating coins and buying geek helpers to automate mining. There’s a fun story following bitcoin events over the years with wacky characters. As your bitcoin total climbs you can upgrade your office, buy businesses, even run for President! Bitcoin Billionaire really captures the cryptocurrency craze by letting you tap to riches. Learn the highs and lows of bitcoin trading while tapping some tasty coin profits.

10. Adventure Capitalist

From the same developer as Bitcoin Billionaire comes this business tapping game. Adventure Capitalist transforms you into a ruthless tycoon by furiously tapping profits. You begin the capitalist odyssey with a humble lemonade stand. Tap revenue lemons to bag more bucks for additional stalls. Soon you can afford shovels, mines, oil rigs and more questionable enterprises. It starts off cute but the further you progress up the business ladder the more sinister it becomes. Launch killer robots, set up sweatshops, buy illegal operations…money corrupts in this clicker! There’s a great escalating scale that rockets from dollars to octillions. If you think capitalism gone crazy can be fun, then climb the corporate landscape!

11. Critter Mound

Idle cookie tappers often lack a compelling goal beyond nonsensical income rises. Critter Mound spins clicking into a world-saving mission with meaning. You control a group of elite scientists who have discovered a mysterious mound filled with rare creatures. Unfortunately, these wondrous critters are under threat from deadly invading monsters. Tap critters to generate coins for barriers, towers, traps and mycologists. Position defenses strategically around burrows to protect your critters. Discover new species and quantum hatcheries deeper underground. It’s an ecological clicker full of unlockable upgrades and achievements. Can you save the adorable critters to reveal the marvels of the mound?


This mesmerizing clicker sets you the challenge of automating factories that output shapes. It’s like playing production line developer in You begin clicking basic shapes from circles to squares. These flow along conveyor belts into shapers that mold blocks into more complex forms. Connecting long chains of shapers together so circles become stars and squares transform into trapezoids is extremely satisfying. But it soon escalates into chaos engineering whole factories! As demands increase you’ll be designing elaborate systems with splitters, rotators, painters and stackers. It starts easy but the 100 levels delve deep into logic, planning and spatial awareness. Think you’ve got the engineering skills to succeed?

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That rounds up our selections for the greatest cookie clicker alternatives available free online. They show just how fun and addictive incremental idle clicking games can be when inspired developers let their creativity loose. We hope you enjoy these titles as much as we have! Whether you love the purity of fixing your clicking addiction with Cookie Clicker or Cookie Clicker Classic, or enjoy a fresh take like Bitcoin Billionaire, Time Clickers or, there’s something for all tastes. Just don’t blame us if you blink and suddenly it’s 3am because you’re obsessed with collecting critters or tapping particles!


What are cookie clicker games?

Cookie clicker games involve clicking on a giant cookie, usually repeatedly as fast as possible, to earn cookies. You then spend the cookies earned on buildings, upgrades or helpers that generate automatic cookies over time. The more items you purchase, the faster your cookie per second rate, encouraging more clicking and number accumulation.

Are cookie clickers safe for my PC?

Yes, cookie clickers featured on this list are entirely browser-based games so do not require any downloads. That means they don’t pose any risk to your computer when playing.

Can I play cookie clickers on my phone?

Absolutely, these cookie clicker alternatives work great on mobile. The tapping gameplay translates perfectly to touchscreens.

Do I need to pay for cookie clickers?

All the cookie clicker games showcased here are 100% free to play online. However, some do offer additional paid bonuses or unlocks that are optional.

What other games play like cookie clickers?

Incremental idle clickers that involve repeatedly clicking for rewards before spending on upgrades that automate earnings for you play very similar to cookie clickers. These include tapper games like Bitcoin Billionaire through to mechanized factory builders like