What can Copilot in Bing do for you? How it works…

Microsoft recently announced an exciting new feature called Copilot in Bing that has the potential to be a game-changer for many people. In this article, we’ll explore what Copilot is, how it works, and the many ways it can help you in your daily life and work.

Key Takeaways:

  • Copilot is an AI-powered search assistant that provides suggestions and recommendations as you search in Bing to boost productivity. It assists with writing, research, math, coding, and more.
  • For writing tasks, Copilot can provide outlines, suggest ideas and resources, and help phrase things clearly whether you’re working on essays, presentations, emails, etc.
  • The Question Answering feature allows Copilot to serve as a research assistant, providing concise yet comprehensive answers to queries, with clarifying follow up as needed.
  • Copilot aims to enhance creativity via Ideas feature that generates fresh suggestions tailored to the project description for creative domains like graphic design, music, and more.
  • It continuously learns individual user preferences and contexts over time to provide personalized recommendations aligned with how each person likes to receive information and assistance.
  • Copilot has huge potential to amplify productivity and innovation for consumers and business users alike, but also carries risks like information quality concerns, AI bias issues, overtrust, and job disruption that require ongoing transparency and safeguards.
What can Copilot in Bing do for you

An AI assistant for search

Copilot provides AI-powered assistance as you search in Bing. Consider it like having a helpful assistant looking over your shoulder and making suggestions as you search. Copilot draws on the advanced capabilities of models like Prometheus to understand the context of your searches and what kind of help would be useful.

For example, if you’re searching for information about planning a trip to Paris, Copilot may suggest things like:

  • Top attractions and neighborhoods to visit
  • Recommended hotels based on your budget
  • Links to deals on airfare and travel packages

It aims to provide some of that “human assistant” insight even during self-service searching.

Writing suggestions and assistance

One of the most useful applications of Copilot in Bing is its ability to help with writing. Whether you’re drafting an essay, building a presentation, or even just trying to respond to an email – Copilot can lend a hand.

Essay and paper writing

If you input a topic or prompt, Copilot will suggest an outline to help kickstart your paper or essay. It can identify key points to cover and questions to address. As you write, it may offer suggestions for resources to cite, arguments to make, and ways to phrase things more clearly.

Presentations and documents

Much like with essay writing, Copilot can generate an outline if you give it a presentation topic. From there, it can recommend slide ideas to develop, talking points to cover, and media to incorporate. As you assemble the deck, Copilot may suggest better ways to format information for clarity, readability, and impact.

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Email assistance

We all have those emails that we just can’t seem to word right on the first try. For tricky responses, Copilot can analyze the original email and provide Thought Starters to shape your reply. Things like relevant points to cover, questions to answer, or specifics to include to achieve your intent with the message.

Comprehensive Q&A

Have a question? Go ahead and ask Copilot. It can serve as a powerful question answering tool on millions of topics by synthesizing multiple authoritative sources. Whether your query is about planning a dream vacation, fixing an appliance, or help with a homework assignment – pose your question to Copilot as you would to a human. It will scan the web for high quality information and provide a concise answer, often with useful links and citations. Think of it as getting a mini-research paper on whatever you’re curious about!

Follow-up Clarifying Questions

The Q&A doesn’t stop with just one back and forth. If the initial answer prompts additional questions in your mind, go ahead and ask those follow-up clarifying questions too. Copilot will continue the dialogue until you feel your question has been thoroughly addressed from multiple angles.

It aims to provide more satisfying exploration for inquiries, not just a one-off response. The goal is true understanding rather than simply scraping the surface level facts.

Math problem solving made easy

For many students and professionals, math can sometimes be a sticking point. Fortunately, Copilot offers friendly math and problem solving assistance. Whether it’s algebra, statistics, trigonometry or more – simply snap a picture of the problem or type it out if you can. Copilot will provide step-by-step workings and explanations to arrive at the solution. Not sure you fully understand the methodology or rationale? Ask clarifying questions and Copilot will break it down further for you.

For standardized test prep like SATs, it can also suggest practice questions at various difficulty levels along with worked solutions. This allows you to efficiently test and reinforce your grasp of core concepts. Over time, Copilot has the potential to democratize access to math upskilling at scale. It lowers the barrier for getting unstuck when facing problems you don’t immediately know how to solve.

Code writing, explanations and debugging

For developers and others working with code, Copilot aims to boost efficiency and understanding. Its capabilities for code are similar to its math assistance. If you provide a coding goal or outcome you want to achieve, Copilot can generate full code snippets to accomplish it. The code is customizable and editable so you can tweak it to fit your unique project needs.

Stuck on a bug? Copilot can analyze your code and suggest potential fixes. If the code works but you don’t fully grasp what it’s doing, just ask Copilot to explain the key steps in plain language. It has been trained to break down complex code into more easily understandable explanations.

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Creative inspiration and ideation

Copilot aims to enhance creativity in addition to productivity. Its Ideas feature can offer creative spark and inspiration across many domains. Facing writer’s block on your novel? Running out of steam on a graphic design project? In an artistic rut with your music? Describe the scenario to Copilot and ask for some fresh Ideas to reinvigorate your creative process.

The Ideas are thoughtful and unique, integrating details from your description to offer tailored, actionable suggestions rather than generic inspiration. Copilot cites its sources so you can explore areas of overlap with your existing influences. For commercial ideation, it can also propose ideas for startup businesses, digital campaigns, brand naming, and more. The goal is to get your creative juices flowing with intriguing springboards.

Personalization for individual users

A key advantage of Copilot is its ability to learn and adapt to you over time. The more you interact, the better it understands your unique contexts, intents, and preferences.

It personalizes suggestions to align with the styles and types of information you tend to find most relevant and helpful. The aim is to provide an AI assistant tailored to each individual user rather than a one-size-fits-all experience. User control and feedback helps fuel this personalization loop. You can give direct input on the kinds of responses that best meet your needs. Over time, Copilot increasingly delivers information adapted to how you like to receive it.

Ongoing expansion of capabilities

Microsoft notes that Copilot’s capabilities will rapidly evolve. The launch offerings likely represent just the tip of the iceberg in terms of its potential assistive applications.

Areas of focus for future enhancement include:

  • Expanded ability for multi-step task completion
  • Goal-oriented advice and recommendations
  • Proactive provision of helpful information based on user activity
  • Personalization of suggestions based on individual user profiles and feedback

The common theme is delivering more human-like insight, foresight and assistance for digital activities. Copilot aims to handle not just single queries but act as an ongoing advisor and productivity amplifier.

Benefits for business users

While Copilot offers plenty of consumer applications, Microsoft is particularly focused on delivering value for business and workplace users. Let’s explore some of the key potential business assists:

Increased efficiency

By acting as a productivity sidekick for common tasks, Copilot has the potential to save significant time that can be reallocated to higher-value work. Meeting preparation, status reporting, presentations, and business case drafting are all areas where Copilot could streamline creation.

Faster research and market analysis

Copilot promises to accelerate secondary market research by providing quick access to synthesized information on competitive landscapes, customer trends, product performance benchmarks, and more.

Improved decision making

By serving up tailored recommendations, credible data sources, and weighed trade-off assessments, Copilot aims to enable better-informed business decisions.

Enhanced creativity and innovation

Ideation for new products, campaigns, branding, and strategic initiatives can benefit from outside-the-box creative sparks.

The net result for business users could be better outcomes achieved more efficiently. Copilot assists individuals to unlock their highest potential professional impact.

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Risks and limitations

While the promise of Copilot is immense, it’s important to balance the hype with a realistic assessment of risks and limitations, including:

  • Information quality varies – Some Copilot responses may lack accuracy or offer biased perspectives that require scrutiny. As always, consider the credibility of sources.
  • AI bias perpetuation – Like other AI systems, Copilot risks baking in and amplifying societal biases. Ongoing transparency and accountability mechanisms will be important.
  • User overtrust – There’s potential for overreliance on Copilot versus independent critical thinking and decision making. Users should remain engaged and discerning.
  • Job disruption – Enhanced productivity from AI augmentation could disrupt some workplace roles focused on rote information lookup and writing tasks. Proactive job retraining may be required.

Overall however, with prudent safeguards in place, Copilot offers tremendously exciting potential as a launchpad for the next generation of AI search assistants.


In summary, Copilot in Bing represents a powerful new paradigm for search – moving beyond looking up facts to AI-assisted creation, recommendations, and problem solving. Its capabilities span writing, research, ideation, math, code and more. And as an AI system, it continuously learns and adapts to each user. For many people, Copilot may become an indispensable assistant for daily life and work. With personalization, risk mitigation and ethical safeguards in place, it could hugely amplify human potential. The rollout of Copilot promises to be a watershed moment in the mainstream adoption of everyday AI.


What tasks is Copilot in Bing most useful for?

Copilot excels at assistance with writing, research, problem solving, ideation, and analysis. It can help draft documents, answer questions, explain concepts, generate ideas, review information, and recommend actions aligned to user goals.

How does Copilot produce its responses and suggestions?

Copilot is powered by an underlying AI system called Prometheus developed by Anthropic. It is trained on diverse high-quality data to absorb patterns and correlations to fuel inferences. User feedback further refines responses over time.

Is Copilot safe for students and children?

Microsoft designed Copilot as an AI assistant suitable for users 13+. Safeguards aim to avoid generating harmful, biased or explicit content. However adult supervision is still advised, especially for younger teens.

Can I fully trust Copilot’s information quality?

Copilot quality varies. Treat its output like Wikipedia – a helpful starting point requiring additional user discernment and scrutiny against credible sources before full reliance. Be an educated, empowered user.

Who creates and maintains Copilot?

Copilot was developed by Microsoft in partnership with AI safety company Anthropic. Over 10,000 Microsoft employees tested it, providing user feedback to improve quality and safety. Ongoing oversight maintains accuracy and mitigates risks.