100+ Midjourney Christmas Prompts: Top Notch Prompts for Today!

The AI art generator Midjourney has taken the world by storm since its release. With its ability to create stunning, photorealistic images from text prompts, Midjourney has become a go-to tool for artists, designers, and anyone looking to bring their visual ideas to life. As the holiday season approaches, Midjourney’s impressive capabilities can be used to easily generate festive Christmas-themed artworks perfect for cards, decorations, social media posts, or just getting into the holiday spirit. Here are some fun and creative ways to take advantage of Midjourney this Christmas.

Midjourney Christmas Prompts

100+ Midjourney Christmas Prompts

Here are 100 unique Christmas prompts to try with the Midjourney AI image generator:

The abominable snowman decorating a towering pine tree he uprooted himself, stringing it with glowing lights and handing a gold star topper ornament to a curious penguin

Four festive elves carrying colorful Christmas cookies, hot cocoa, strings of lights, and giftwrap through the bustling main workshop full of wooden toys

The Grinch wearing a Santa disguise poorly attempting to sabotage Whoville’s tree lighting ceremony as residents give him puzzled looks

  • Santa Claus in his red suit waving from his sleigh flying over a snowy village
  • Elves baking cookies and decorating a gingerbread house in Santa’s workshop
  • The Grinch and his dog Max sledding down Mount Crumpit on Christmas morning
  • Bright red poinsettias, white candles, and pine garland on a fireplace mantle
  • An ornate glass snow globe with a tiny Christmas village inside
  • Santa reading ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas by a cozy fire
  • Plate of decorated sugar cookies with green and red icing
  • Christmas tree with red and gold glass ornaments illuminated by lights
  • Wreath made of lit pinecones and holly berries on an old wooden door
  • Two nutcrackers standing guard near a pile of brightly wrapped gifts
  • Santa’s reindeer gathered in the snowy forest, very detailed
  • Snowman wearing a scarf and top hat smiling next to a snow covered house
  • Glass of eggnog with cinnamon and nutmeg served next to cookies
  • Toy robot made of old clock parts carrying a Christmas present
  • Lit candles surrounding a gingerbread Nativity scene
  • Santa loading his sleigh full of colorfully wrapped gifts in workshop
  • Fireplace stockings hung below garland and silver bells
  • Happy penguins celebrating Christmas with a decorated tree
  • Fox wearing a Fair Isle knit sweater in the winter woods
  • The Grinch carving the Roast Beast in his Mount Crumpit lair
  • Character of Cindy Lou Who from How the Grinch Stole Christmas
  • Character of Max the Dog from the Grinch story
  • Burl Ives as Sam the Snowman from Rudolph movie
  • Clarice, Rudolf’s reindeer friend and love interest
  • Hermey the misfit elf who dreams of being a dentist
  • Prospecting character Yukon Cornelius from Rudolph
  • The Abominable Snow Monster from the Island of Misfit Toys
  • Dachshund puppy wearing antlers by the Christmas tree
  • Gingerbread cottage decorated with white icing and candy
  • Plate of red and green Christmas cookies dusted with sugar
  • Santa’s workshop filled with elf toymakers hard at work
  • Funny cats in Santa hats cuddled up by the fireplace
  • Beautiful white owl wearing a wreath of pine needles
  • A pet sugar glider wearing Christmas lights as a necklace
  • Christmas lights reflecting on shiny ornaments at night
  • Snowy winter landscape with bare trees and animal tracks
  • Penguin villagers celebrating winter solstice holiday
  • Unicorn covered in garland and ornaments in pine forest
  • Gingerbread house village covered in snow and candy decor
  • Elf ranger archers defending Christmas tree forest
  • Steampunk Santa with clockwork reindeer sleigh
  • Robot Santa and helpers making toys in android workshop
  • Santa’s interstellar space fleet orbiting planet earth
  • Santa trapped on deserted island, finds magic shell portal home
  • Santa consulting his quantum computer Naughty-Nice list
  • Cyberpunk future android Santa handing out hologram gifts
  • Modern art piece – abstract geometric snowflake mandala
  • Krampus emerges from Gothic frozen haunted forest portal
  • Glowing magic portal reveals Santa’s interdimensional workshop
  • Young Kris Kringle time travels from 1800s to become Santa
  • Tattooed muscular Santa on flaming skull sleigh motorcycle
  • Zombie horror Christmas – the undead Santa apocalypse attacks!
  • Catmas – festive tabby delivers furry holiday yarn balls to kittens
  • Surfer Santa stylishly rides tropical wave with palm trees
  • Superhero Santa rescuing Christmas from the evil Scrooge Grinch
  • Four seasons of Santa – spring, summer, fall and winter outfits
  • Dog sled team led by huskies competing to join Santa’s pack
  • Hip hop rapping Santa brings holiday cheer busting dance moves
  • Splatter paint abstract modern art Santa Jackson Pollock piece
  • Bald eagle Santa patriotically soaring over purple mountains
  • Glowing holographic neon pink and blue anime VR Santa
  • Santa scrub nurse assists robot doctor operating on reindeer
  • Chef Santa cooking roast beast feast for famished guests
  • Wizard Santa teaching elf students North Pole magic academy
  • Christmas galaxy nebula with bright dots arranged as tree
  • Beautiful abstract art – colorful fairy lights swooping ribbon frame
  • Miniature Christmas village inside an ornate glass snow globe
  • Realistic glass ball ornament reflecting decorated tree
  • Stack of beautifully wrapped presents with bows and snowflakes
  • Magic golden reindeer sleigh soaring over snowy mountains
  • Dripping icing gingerbread cottage surrounded by candy canes
  • Cozy Santa wearing knitted Christmas sweater holding mug by fire
  • Jolly Santa water-skiing behind flying reindeer sleigh over lake
  • Steampunk mechanical sleigh with armed festive candy cane cannons
  • Santa’s festive firetruck speeding to deliver presents and joy
  • Santa potter throwing Christmas presents on his holiday wheel
  • Santa Analytics checking databases determining children’s gift compatibility match percentage scores
  • Octopus Kraken Santa from the deep emerges to spread cheer across the seven seas
  • Santa sorcerer conjuring magic christmas portal to enchanted workshop dimension through spellbook incantations
  • Santa DJ remixing joyful christmas carols on dual turntables dressed in holiday fresh spock inspired gear
  • Royal Santa king grants cheerful subjects piled high requests from towering festive presents throne room
  • Astronaut Santa courageously delivering cosmic cheer across inhospitable yet magnificent martian solstice landscape
  • Christmas Frankenstein santa carefully crafted from festive fir limbs with garland electrodes and gift bow bolts
  • Holiday cyborg santa part machine part jolly old saint nick efficiently calculates optimal present manufacture cheer distribution
  • Stealth Santa, tactical christmas commando, infiltrates inchimneys utilizing gadgetry chimney sweep gear to deliver cheer
  • Santa Noir, gritty detective father christmas unraveling naughty character coal clause cases by cigarette neon sign
  • Retro 50s Santa in shiny diners serving up festive milkshake cheer and jukebox rockin’ around christmas tree tunes
  • Gladiator Santa battles gruesome grinch lion after rickety reindeer race round colosseum delivers converted cheers
  • Santa Sensei shows student elf karate kids how to chop flurry blocks of ice into jolly snowflake medallions
  • Royal Guard Santa protects presents queen while stood stoic outside frost castle wrapped in fur cape bearing gifts shield
  • Deity Santa God sculpted from wintery mountain top bestowing blessings of eternal cheerful christmas spirit upon followers
  • Octopus Sea Santa from the abyssal depths spreads cheer to all creatures, air breathers and seafolk alike!
  • Demonic Anti Santa emerges sulphurous portal determined undo all christmas cheer until stopped by angel santa warriors!
  • Old West Sheriff Santa cleans up corrupt town, upholding festive peace by jingling spur justice on all grinch outlaws!
  • Cyberpunk Hacker Santa bypassing Grinch Corporation firewalls, uploads viral cheerware to unjustly withheld present mainframes!
  • Supernatural Spooky Santa, Christmas poltergeist pranking Halloween style while still upholding jolly gift giving traditions!
  • Santa Sensei trains snow ninja assassins to stealthily infiltrate nasty naughty households undercover, sneak surprise cheer packets!
  • Mythology Santa Modeled after legend Odin wandering winter landscapes on eight-legged sleigh, raining yuletime cheers!
  • Neon Noir Detective Santa searches seedy streets for clues to missing cheer spreaders, bringing Christmas joy to all city folk!
  • Ancient Elder Santa, primal winter shaman calling frost & snow since time immemorial to shepherd seasons of cheer!
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As you can see, Midjourney is an incredible outlet for bringing all the classic Christmas favorites as well as unique concepts to stunning visual life and works beautifully for anything from holiday cards to social media. With the AI art generator quickly interpreting even the most detailed prompt your imagination dreams up into gorgeous scenes ready for sharing, Midjourney promises a trove of Christmas magic this holiday season for all.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does Midjourney have any Christmas category built-in to easily access holiday prompts?

A: Unfortunately there is not currently a dedicated Christmas category, but by being creative and descriptive with your text prompts you can generate endless amazing Christmas images with Midjourney.

Q: Do I need an advanced account or a paid subscription to use Midjourney to make Christmas art?

A: Midjourney only requires signing up for a free account to start generating Christmas images! However for additional features like higher resolution and longer generation length you would need a paid subscription.

Q: What happens if Midjourney doesn’t generate exactly what I’m picturing for my Christmas prompt on the first try?

A: Don’t worry! Simply try rephrasing your text and running the prompt again. You can also upscale or downscale specific elements in the Settings tab. Experiment until you get the Christmas image of your vision!

Q: What is the best way to use the Midjourney Christmas images I create?

A: It’s up to you! Whether printing them on holiday cards or invitations, decorating your home, profile pictures, holiday social media posts, wrapping paper, or just something to lift your seasonal spirits, these AI artworks make perfect personalized Christmas content.

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Q: Can I sell what Midjourney generates with my Christmas prompts?

A: Yes! Thanks to Midjourney’s commercial licensing you do have rights to sell any original Midjourney artworks you prompt as Christmas gifts, decorations, t-shirts, etc. Just make sure to review the specific license terms.