How to Unblur Chegg Answers? Ultimate Guide

Key Takeaways:

  • Methods that don’t actually work to unblur Chegg include using the free trial, inspecting page elements, and disabling Javascript. Chegg has safeguards in place against these.
  • Useful methods that do work include third-party unblurring sites like UnblurCheggAnswers, Chrome extensions like TechFilx, and Chegg unblurring Discord servers.
  • Third-party tools unblur answers easily without needing an account, but could potentially face legal issues if Chegg objects.
  • Discord servers are harder for Chegg to take down, but require an account and have some privacy risks.
  • Getting shared Chegg accounts also works, but access could stop at any time, and there are account security issues.
  • Legally accessing unblurred answers is allowed, but copying solutions to cheat could violate academic integrity policies. Use any unlocked content properly.

Chegg is an online learning platform that provides various services to students, including textbook rentals and tutoring. It has an extensive database of answers to textbook questions that students can access to support their studies. However, some of these answers are “blurred” and require a subscription to view fully. So how can you unblur Chegg answers for free?

How to Unblur Chegg Answers

Methods That Don’t Work

Before we get into methods that do work for unblurring Chegg answers, let’s first go over some things that students commonly try that do NOT actually work:

Using Chegg Free Trial

Chegg offers a free trial period so students can test out their services. However, accessing full answers is not included in the free trial. So while you can use a throwaway email to get free access to some Chegg features, blurred answers will remain blurred.

Inspecting Page Elements

You might think you can simply inspect the page elements and find the full answers that way. Unfortunately, Chegg’s blurring system safeguards against this technique. Blurred content is not actually present on the page source code for you to uncover.

Disabling Javascript

Since blurring relies on Javascript, some try to disable Javascript in their browser to get past this. But Chegg requires Javascript to be enabled even to load questions properly, so this just results in more content getting hidden. The reality is that Chegg has put measures in place to prevent easy workarounds. Next we’ll cover what does actually work.

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Some Useful Methods

Using Third-Party Unblurring Sites and Extensions

Because of student demand, various third-party tools have sprung up offering specialized services to unblur Chegg answers. Using these sites and browser extensions can reveal the answers you need while avoiding an expensive Chegg subscription:

1. UnblurCheggAnswers

UnblurCheggAnswers is a dedicated site for unlocking answers. Just provide a link to the Chegg question or copy/paste the entire question into their text box. After submitting, the full unblurred solution appears along with helpful explanations. The site uses advanced machine learning and optical character recognition to process Chegg pages. So you don’t have to worry about manually inspecting page elements or dealing with site errors. It’s very fast, intuitive, works on mobile devices, and best of all it’s 100% free with no sign-ups required.

2. TechFilx Chegg Unblur Extension

If you use Google Chrome, this handy browser extension lets you unblur answers right on After installing, the “Unblur” button appears when you’re viewing blurred content. Click it to instantly reveal full solutions, then click again to re-blur if needed. The extension is able to parse Chegg pages in real-time. And there’s no need to copy/paste links or submit requests. Just enable the extension and single click any blurred passages. Available free from the Chrome Web Store.

3. UnblurChegg Chrome Extension

Very similar to the TechFilx extension, this one puts an “Unblur” button on Chegg pages when viewing on Chrome. Click to unlock specific solutions without leaving the site. Works by analyzing Chegg’s obfuscation methods rather than using OCR. Easy to set up without registration. But one advantage over other extensions is that UnblurChegg self-updates if Chegg makes changes to attempt blocking it. So its unblurring capability remains reliable. Also free for Chrome users.

Using Chegg Unblurring Discord Servers

In addition to sites and extensions, some Discord servers have active communities focused on unblurring Chegg questions. These work by having members share links to blurred Chegg answers, then other members process and return the unblurred solutions. Popular options like Chegg Unblur and Hypixel Chegg Server have large member bases cooperating to help each other bypass Chegg blurring across subjects. Just join and share your link by pasting it into the designated channel. The benefit of Discord over web-based services is accounts and activity can’t be easily tracked and banned. So Chegg find these harder to take down, making them more reliable sources to access continually.

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Using Free Chegg Accounts

Finally, some students share or buy free Chegg accounts from others to directly view full solutions ad-free. Certain forums and marketplaces connect account sellers to buyers safely. And for a small fee, you can securely obtain recycled Chegg logins temporarily. The upside here is gaining full access to Chegg rather than relying on piecemeal unblurring. However, shared accounts run the risk of being reclaimed, changed passwords, or banned if overused which could make accessing answers inconsistent.

Pros and Cons of Unblurring Methods

Now that we’ve covered various methods to access Chegg solutions for free, let’s summarize the key positives and negatives of each option:

Third-Party Unblur Tools

  • Pros
    • Fast, reliable unblurring capability
    • Easy to use with no login necessary
    • 100% free access
  • Cons
    • Could potentially face legal action or get taken down if Chegg formally objects

Discord Servers

  • Pros
    • Chegg has a hard time detecting and taking down servers
    • Established communities providing ongoing unblurring
  • Cons
    • Requires Discord account and app to access
    • Linking your identity in servers has some privacy risks

Shared Chegg Accounts

  • Pros
    • Get full Chegg member benefits beyond just unblurring
    • Very cheap compared to paid subscription
  • Cons
    • Temporary access that could stop working anytime
    • Security risks from account stealing/banning

So in summary, third-party sites and extensions are the easiest and most foolproof way to unblur answers. But Discord servers and shared accounts offer potential alternatives if the first options stop working.

At Your Own Risk

A word of caution that while unblurring solutions won’t directly get you in legal trouble, utilizing them to cheat or plagiarize does violate academic integrity policies. Chegg itself cautions against copying answers verbatim without properly attributing sources. We strongly recommend only using these unblurring techniques to better understand concepts and check your own work. Do not simply copy solutions word-for-word without learning anything. That won’t help you strengthen academic abilities which is the whole purpose here. Now that we’ve provided this thorough guide to revealing Chegg answers for free using various creative options, the rest is up to your discretion. Stay safe and uphold integrity while benefiting from otherwise inaccessible academic support.

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Here are some additional frequently asked questions about unlocking Chegg solutions for free:

Is unblurring Chegg answers illegal?

No, there are no laws actually prohibiting access to unblurred Chegg data. The third-party unblur tools we listed are 100% legal. However, formally sharing copyrighted Chegg excerpts without permission could potentially violate DMCA takedown rules.

Why does Chegg blur some answers?

Chegg blurs many textbook solutions to encourage students to purchase paid account subscriptions. This generates revenue for their company. It also adheres to publisher restrictions regarding patented test banks and copyrighted content they license legally.

Can Chegg detect account sharing?

Chegg does actively monitor account credentials to look for suspicious login patterns indicating shared passwords. So accessing a free shared account could technically get that login disabled. Use secondary accounts at your own discretion.

What are the consequences of using Chegg to cheat?

If instructors catch you plagiarizing Chegg verbatim without citing, there can be strict academic consequences including failing grades, remedial action, loss of credits, suspension, or even permanent expulsion. So utilize any unlocked answers properly.

Does unlocking Chegg help understand concepts better?

Yes, expert solutions can demonstrate problem-solving methodologies step-by-step to reinforce classroom teachings. Unblurring expands academic support which fuels deeper understanding and better retention when put into practice correctly.