Make the Most Money with DoorDash

How to Make the Most Money with DoorDash? 2024

DoorDash has become an incredibly popular way for people to earn extra money in their spare time. As an on demand food delivery service, DoorDash offers a flexible way to make money when it’s convenient for you. However, not all Dasher make the same amount of money. If you want to maximize your earnings with DoorDash, follow these tips.

DoorDash Hacks to Make More Money

How to Make the Most Money with DoorDash

1. Choosing the Right Location and Times

One of the biggest factors in how much money you can make with DoorDash is when and where you choose to dash. Obviously, you’ll make the most money if you dash during peak times when orders are plentiful.

Dash During Peak Times

The busiest times for DoorDash are typically Friday nights, weekends, and mealtimes (breakfast, lunch, and dinner). Dash during these high volume times for frequent orders. Weekday lunch (11am-2pm) and dinner (5pm-9pm) rushes can also be quite busy.

Target Areas with Lots of Restaurants

Density of restaurants and customers will determine how many orders you receive. Dash in urban areas and suburbs with larger populations and plenty of restaurants clustered together. Areas filled with offices, colleges, and residential neighborhoods tend to be DoorDash hotspots.

Dash Near Your Goals

While dashing, set a earnings goal per dash. End your dash once you hit your goal to avoid wasting time during slow periods. You can always restart your dash later or the next day during busier times.

2. Use DoorDash Driver Tools to Your Advantage

The DoorDash driver app contains various tools to help you maximize your deliveries and earnings. Make sure to use these to your full advantage!

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Carefully Review Orders Before Accepting

Before accepting an order, check details like restaurant location, customer drop off location, items, and promised pay. Evaluate if the compensation matches the predicted time and mileage. Decline orders that aren’t worth your time and effort.

Use Your Ratings to Qualify for Better Orders

Maintain high customer rating and completion rates to qualify for better orders. DoorDash offers “Top Dasher” status to drivers with excellent ratings who qualify by meeting minimum delivery quotas. Top Dashers get priority access to more orders.

Track Mileage for Tax Deductions

Use a mileage tracking app like Everlance, Stride, TripLog or Gridwise. Tracking mileage will allow you to claim tax deductions for work related mileage expenses. This can add up to thousands in savings!

3. Maximize Your Delivery Efficiency

Work smarter, not harder! Use these tips to complete more deliveries per hour while dashing.

Only Accept Orders Along Your Route

When possible, only accept orders that make sense for your route and avoid unnecessary backtracking. Complete deliveries efficiently by mapping out routes ahead of time.

Optimize Your Pickup and Drop-off Speed

The quicker you can complete pickups and drop-offs, the sooner you’ll be free for the next delivery. Have hot/cold bags ready to transfer food quickly. Text customers when you arrive to speed up meetups.

Minimize Wait Times at Restaurants

Mark “arrived at store” as soon as you get to the restaurant. This puts pressure on merchants to have the order ready in a timely fashion. If you have to wait more than 10 minutes, unassign the order to avoid wasting time.

Avoid Problem Restaurants

Over time, take note of disorganized merchant locations with typically long prep times. Avoid accepting deliveries from these slow merchants when possible to maximize your income per hour.

4. Maximize Your Delivery Pay

While DoorDash pay fluctuates, you have some control over your payout through customer tips. Follow these suggestions to encourage higher tips from appreciative customers.

Provide Excellent Service

Great service leads to better tips! Communicate with customers, ensure food is hot when delivered, check order accuracy, deliver food neatly presented, and maintain a polite friendly attitude.

Send Customized Texts

Introduce yourself when you accept the order and provide ETA updates. Upon arrival, ring/knock and send a personalized text to speed up the process. Follow up after delivery expressing your appreciation.

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Add a Thank You Note

Consider including a handwritten thank you note with a big smiley face on each customer’s receipt. This small gesture can leave a lasting positive impression that leads to higher tips.

5. Track Expenses to Increase Tax Deductions

As an independent contractor with DoorDash, you can deduct many work related expenses to reduce your overall tax liability.

Deduct Mileage

One of the biggest tax deductions is mileage. With Everlance or other mileage tracker, capture mileage from when you leave home to when you return. These miles add up quick!

Deduct Supplies

Deduct bags, blankets, phone mount or phone if used primarily for dashing. Cleaning supplies and car repairs needed specifically because of deliveries are also deductible.

Write Off Your Phone & Data Plan

A portion of your cell phone bill and data plan is deductible if you use your phone for dashing. First month is 100%, then base later months on % of use for work vs personal.

6. Set Income Goals and Work Hard

Treat working with DoorDash like a business. Set weekly, monthly and annual income goals and consistently put in the dash time to achieve them. The more effort you put in, the more money you can make!

Commit to a Weekly Schedule

Plot out what days and times you plan to dash each week and stick to the schedule. Consistency is key to maximizing your income over time. Establish set days/times and make dashing a routine.

Take Advantage of Peak Pay

Keep an eye out for Peak Pay bonuses in your area. DoorDash will offer hourly +$1-7 bonuses during particularly high demand times. Adjust your schedule around these Peak Pay windows to earn those bonus rates.

Refer Friends

Earn up to $1100 when you refer other new Dashers in your area. The more driver referrals you make, the more referral bonus money you can rack up quickly.


As you can see, DoorDash offers plenty of opportunity to earn great money in your free time. However, your total payout comes down to number of hours dashed and your hourly rate. By following these tips, you can maximize your productivity and earnings per hour with DoorDash. Keep hustling by picking optimal dash times and locations, minimizing wait times, providing excellent service, tracking expenses, setting income goals, and taking advantage of referral bonuses and Peak Pay rates. If you implement these DoorDash hacks, you’ll be making the most out of driving for DoorDash.

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How much can you make with DoorDash in 4 hours?

Most DoorDash drivers average $15-$22 per hour. If you drive during the busiest 4 hours shifts (dinnertime, weekends), you should expect to make $60-$88 in 4 hours. Earnings vary widely though, anywhere from $36 on the low end up to $150+ on an excellent shift.

What are the best days of the week to Dash?

The best days to DoorDash are typically Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Friday nights and weekends tend to be the busiest times for food delivery orders. Weekdays can also be decent during lunch and dinner rush hours.

How can I get more deliveries per hour?

To maximize deliveries per hour, only accept orders along your route, optimize your pickup and drop off speed, minimize wait times at restaurants by unassigning long waits, avoid problem merchants, and don’t waste time driving far outside your zone chasing surge pricing. Work smarter, not harder!

Should I accept every order request?

No! Before accepting any order, quickly evaluate the details like restaurant location, customer location, number of items, promised pay and predicted mileage. Make sure the compensation matches the estimated time and effort required. Feel empowered to decline orders that simply aren’t profitable enough. Don’t accept every request blindly.

How much can you deduct on taxes as a DoorDasher?

As an independent contractor, DoorDash drivers can deduct quite a few work related expenses. This includes mileage deductions (~$0.62/mile), cell phone & data plans, supplies (bags, phone mounts), food/drink during shifts, accounting services, insurance, portion of car repairs and more. These deductions reduce your overall taxable income.