Bing AI Image Generator Commands 2024 (New)

The new Bing AI image generator has taken the world by storm with its ability to create stunning images from text prompts. With its advanced DALL-E model, Bing can generate photorealistic and artistic images that bring imagination to life.

Bing AI Image Generator

The Bing AI image generator is built on top of DALL-E 3, an improved version of OpenAI’s popular DALL-E model. DALL-E stands for Deep Adversarial Latent Likelihood Estimation, and it is a deep learning model that can create realistic images and art from text descriptions. Bing leverages this technology to empower users to visualize their ideas through AI-generated images. With the right prompts and commands, you can create wondrous images that are breathtakingly realistic or fantastically surreal.

Bing AI Image Generator Commands

Getting Started with Bing Image Generation

To get started with the Bing AI image generator, simply go to and click on the “Bing Creators” icon on the top right. This will take you to the image generation tool. The text box is where you enter your text prompt describing the image you want AI to generate for you. As you input text, Bing will start providing live suggestions and sample images to inspire your creation. Once ready, click the “Create” button, and Bing’s powerful DALL-E model will get to work creating a one-of-a-kind AI-generated image for you in seconds.

Crafting the Perfect Prompt

The key to generating great images with Bing is learning how to craft good prompts. Here are some tips:

Be Specific

Provide lots of details in your description – object styles, colors, lighting, background, etc. This gives the AI more to work with.

Tell a Story

Use descriptive language and imperatives to set a scene. This makes your prompt more engaging.

List Styles/Genres

Specify art styles like “photorealistic”, “abstract”, “cubist”, etc. You can even mimic artists!

Use References

Add example images or artists when relevant to better communicate what you’re imagining.

Top Bing Image Generation Commands

Bing supports a variety of special commands and parameters that allow you to finesse the image generation process. Here are some of the most useful commands to try:

Image Size

  • small image of a cute puppy
  • large detailed painting of a mythical dragon

Number of Images

  • 3 different images of futuristic cars
  • generate 7 unique portraits in rembrandt style

Image Aspect Ratio

  • a tall illustration of a flower
  • wide angle photo of a modern city
  • square crop headshot of a young woman
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Image Style/Medium

  • oil painting portrait of a pirate
  • graphite sketch of the eiffel tower
  • 8 bit pixel art landscape
  • watercolor fox in autumn forest

Advanced Techniques and Commands

Become a power user with these advanced commands and strategies for creating truly one-of-a-kind images with Bing.

Direct Image Manipulation

  • a photo of a dog standing on hind legs with wings photoshopped on its back

Step-by-Step Collaging

  • a frog sitting on a leaf, digital art. Add a background of a swamp at sunset. Now put a wizard’s hat on the frog.

Stylize/Filter Existing Images

  • make this photo look like a painting by monet: [input photo url here]

Mashup Crossovers

  • Homer Simpson as Captain Jack Sparrow from Pirates of the Caribbean

Creative Text Overlays

  • an astronaut planting a flag on an alien planet, flag says “I come in peace!”

Useful Tips and Tricks

Follow these handy tips to take your image generation to the next level:

  • Experiment with different wording for more unique results
  • Chain together multiple commands to refine the image
  • Use descriptive adjectives and styles for more detail
  • Add or remove elements with additional commands
  • If needed, simplify prompts into smaller steps
  • Retry a variation if you don’t get the desired result

Trending Prompt Ideas to Try

Need some inspiration? Try these popular text prompt trends that consistently produce jaw-dropping images with Bing’s DALL-E:

Mythical Creatures

  • an oil painting of a glowing phoenix rising from ashes

AI-Generated Faces

  • a hyperrealistic portrait of a kind old wizard, award-winning photograph

Futuristic Technology

  • cinematic scene of people watching holograms in a cyberpunk city square

Epic Landscapes

  • photorealistic render of a vast canyon on an alien world with two moons

Pop Culture Crossovers

  • Homer Simpson as Han Solo from Star Wars, digital art

People and Portraits

  1. An oil painting portrait of a pirate queen wearing an eyepatch
  2. A candid photograph of a rock band performing on stage
  3. A pencil sketch of a meditating old monk with a long white beard
  4. A fashion model wearing a dress made of flowers, Vogue magazine cover
  5. A close-up portrait of a tribal warrior with face paint

Environments and Landscapes

  1. An aerial view of a futuristic cyberpunk city with flying cars
  2. A wide-angle photograph of the Amazon rainforest full of lush green trees
  3. A fantasy landscape featuring towering mountains and a purple sky
  4. A scenic autumn mountain landscape painting in Bob Ross style
  5. A aerial view of the Grand Canyon with a river flowing through it

Animals and Creatures

  1. A cat astronaut floating in space with the earth visible
  2. A horse with wings soaring through a rainbow sky
  3. A parrot driving a miniature Model T car through a city
  4. An elephant enjoying a bubble bath, wearing a shower cap
  5. A fierce red dragon guarding a pile of gold coins and jewels

Still Life and Food

  1. An oil painting still life of tropical fruits in a bowl with dramatic lighting
  2. An abstract minimalist sculpture of an apple wearing sunglasses
  3. A slice of pepperoni pizza topped with tiny meatballs and peppers
  4. A hamburger and fries as a messy face, mascot character
  5. An ice cream sundae topped with sprinkles and a cherry

Technology and Innovation

  1. A smart watch projecting a holographic display into the air
  2. An augmented reality helmet overlaying data onto a engineer’s field of view
  3. A luxury air vehicle (flying car) cruising over a futuristic city
  4. A lightspeed spaceship firing plasma beams in an epic space battle
  5. A personal robot butler serving tea to its inventor in a lab

Pop Culture and Entertainment

  1. Homer Simpson as Captain Jack Sparrow from Pirates of the Caribbean
  2. Iron Man and Spiderman teaming up, colorful comic book style
  3. Shrek and Donkey characters reimagined as anime heroes
  4. A Harry Potter movie poster featuring fan art versions of the characters
  5. Mickey Mouse piloting the Millennium Falcon spaceship from Star Wars
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Style Experimentation

  1. Watercolor painting of the Eiffel Tower with a dramatic sky
  2. Impressionist painting of a family picnic on a sunny lawn
  3. Surrealist fantasy image of elephants floating in the sky
  4. Cubist portrait of a bearded man with geometric shapes
  5. A vector image blueprint style technical diagram of a robot

Ideas and Concepts

  1. A light bulb creature with arms, legs, a face, thinking creatively
  2. A dictionary with arms, cartoonishly strong from lifting itself
  3. The word “hope” visually styled as a rising hot air balloon
  4. Visual metaphor representing the concept of artificial intelligence
  5. Personification of the word “serendipity” as a character

Places and Spaces

  1. Quaint English cottage covered in lush ivy vines
  2. Interior of an ornate theater or opera house with red seating
  3. Bird’s eye view map of Disneyland theme park attractions
  4. Cutaway view diagram of the rooms and layout of Hogwarts
  5. A hobbit hole home carved into a green hillside

Text and Typography

  1. Text sign saying “The Future is Now” in a retro sci-fi style
  2. Bold creative 3D typography for the words “Adventure Awaits”
  3. Fun, bubbly font saying “Life is Sweet – Eat Dessert First!”
  4. Graffiti street art font spelling out the word “Create”
  5. Rustic wood signpost pointing different directions for “This Way” or “That Way”

Objects and Products

  1. Advertisement showcasing a luxury sports car driving along the coast
  2. Sleek modern electric motorcycle designed for the year 2050
  3. Ergonomic gaming mouse with RGB lighting effects
  4. Packaging box design for a pair of stylish smart glasses
  5. Catalog photo of the latest model top-of-the-line smartphone

Storytelling and Book Covers

  1. Teenage wizard book cover featuring a magic school castle
  2. Sci-fi novel cover showing an astronaut facing an alien mothership
  3. Mystical fairy tale book cover with a dragon and knight characters
  4. Cookbook cover showing a chef outside his restaurant
  5. Children’s book cover about a lost puppy finding its way home

Cartoons and Comics

  1. Donald Duck as musketeer, dynamic action pose
  2. Garfield character laughing while wearing a king’s robe and crown
  3. Charlie Brown missing his football kick in silly Peanuts style
  4. Calvin and Hobbes dancing under a spotlight, colored pencil
  5. Batman and Robin running dramatically toward the camera

Games and eSports

  1. Cyberpunk video game cover showing the protagonist hacking into a computer
  2. Fortnite characters gathered around a campfire doing an emote dance
  3. An eSports tournament stage featuring glowing holograms and displays
  4. Nintendo game cover of Mario racing on rainbow road
  5. Illustration of Link from Legend of Zelda finding a treasure chest

Music and Entertainment

  1. EDM festival stage with a DJ surrounded by pulsing lights
  2. Album cover for a punk band looking rebellious in a graffiti alley
  3. Pop star singing into a microphone at a vibrant, cheering concert
  4. Jazzy show poster typography for a saxophone performance
  5. Colorful joyful abstract art for a kids’ song like “Wheels on the Bus”

Business and Marketing

  1. Modern flat logo for a tech startup company
  2. Animated social media banner promoting a shoe product launch
  3. Infographic flyer about electric car model features
  4. Augmented reality concept for a furniture catalog experience
  5. Unique packaging design for a chocolate or candy gift box

Fashion and Beauty

  1. Edgy streetwear outfit on a model walking city streets
  2. Glamorous Hollywood wave hairstyle tutorial guide
  3. Couture gown with flower embroidery on the runway
  4. Watch advertising campaign with luxury branding
  5. Graphic liner eye makeup look on a model against pink background
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Sports and Fitness

  1. Soccer player celebrating goal by doing a flip and fist pump
  2. Baseball mascot cartoon caricature cheering fans on
  3. Tennis visual guide demonstrating proper serving technique
  4. Under Armour athletic wear product line-up catalog
  5. Cyclist speeding along mountain switchback roads in the Alps

Travel and Tourism

  1. Postcard depicting romantic Eiffel Tower panorama at dusk
  2. Travel blog header image showcasing Machu Picchu ruins vista
  3. Poster advertising Hawaiian getaway with hula dancer silhouette
  4. Cruise ship approaching an Alaska glacier formation
  5. Santorini photo featuring white homes perched on cliffs above water

Architecture and Home Design

  1. Luxury seaside villa exterior on cliffs overlooking the ocean
  2. Industrial loft bedroom with wood, brick, and steel accents
  3. Floating tiny home concept powered by solar panels
  4. Floor plans for a smart eco home filled with green technology
  5. Bold vibrant mural painted down an apartment building hallway

Nature and The Environment

  1. Towering coastal redwood trees glowing golden sunset light rays
  2. Arctic fox mother with babies playing in the fluffy snow
  3. Macro flower blossom photograph with crystal dewdrops
  4. Satellite view map of erupting volcanos across the Earth
  5. Underwater reef filled with colorful tropical fish swarm

History and Education

  1. Ancient Roman soldiers defending castle gates from invaders
  2. Marie Curie working studiously over bubbling laboratory vials
  3. D-Day invasion digital tablet interactive educational piece
  4. Egyptian sphynx digitally restored to original preserved glory
  5. Cross-section diagram of Voyager probe and instruments

Fantasy and Science Fiction

  1. Majestic Pegasus with wide wings soaring over moonlit castle
  2. Adventure guild airship docked outside fantasy tavern
  3. Wizard battle with beams of light clashing from wands
  4. Alien botanist studying glowing extraterrestrial fungi
  5. Interstellar ark spaceship orbiting unknown Earth-like exoplanet

Holidays and Events

  1. Watercolor Easter eggs with floral designs and rainbow colors
  2. Happy gingerbread character decorating Christmas tree
  3. Fireworks spelling “Happy New Year!” exploding over city
  4. Leprechaun inflating giant St. Patrick’s Day parade balloons
  5. Heart-shaped digital valentine morphing and transforming into different styles


The Bing AI image generator opens up limitless possibilities for bringing your creative visions to life. With the right prompts and commands, you can produce professional quality images, artworks, and scene visualizations powered by AI. As you craft your own prompts, focus on providing detailed descriptions, telling an engaging story, and specifying desired styles or elements you want to see. Experiment with imaginative crossover concepts and push the boundaries of what an AI assistant can conjure up for you. Bing is an invaluable co-pilot for exploring your creativity. Have fun unleashing your imagination – the only limit is what you can dream up!


Q: Does Bing AI image generator cost anything to use?

A: No, the Bing AI image generator is currently free to use while in preview. You just need a Microsoft account.

Q: What types of images can you generate with Bing?

A: You can generate realistic photos, oil paintings, pencil sketches, pixel art, album covers, landscape scenes, portraits, text/logo designs, floor plans, fashion concepts, memes, and more.

Q: How many images can you generate per session?

A: Currently Bing allows you to create up to 15 images per session for free. Paid subscriptions in the future may allow more.

Q: How quickly does Bing generate images from prompts?

A: Incredibly fast – each image usually takes 5-20 seconds to be created, allowing you to visualize a high volume of creative ideas.

Q: What is the resolution of downloaded Bing AI images?

A: Downloaded images are available in up to 1024×1024 pixel resolution. Larger high-res images may be enabled in the future.

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