90+ Bing ai Image Creator Commands and Prompts (New 2024)

Bing Image Creator is an AI image generator by Microsoft that allows users to create unique images simply by describing what they want to see. With just a few words or a short sentence, the tool can generate eye-catching, high-quality images. But coming up with the right prompts can take some imagination and experimentation. This guide explores different categories of effective prompts for the Bing Image Creator.

How Image Generation Works in Bing Image Creator

The image generation process in Bing Image Creator starts when a user inputs a text command or prompt. This prompt acts as a description for the type of image the user wants to generate. For example, “a cute baby panda eating bamboo”. The system then tries to understand the text and determine the key elements that need to be present in the generated image. In this case, it would identify components like “cute”, “baby”, “panda” and “eating bamboo”. Using its machine learning algorithm, Bing Image Creator searches its database for images, concepts and styles that match the requested components. It evaluates millions of images and their relationships to the input text.

Finally, the system renders a new image that combines relevant visual elements into a single cohesive picture depicting the prompt. The generated image is unique and original, not copied from any existing image.

Bing ai Image Creator Commands and Prompts

Types of Images Bing Creator Can Generate

Bing Image Creator is quite flexible and can generate diverse image types based on the given prompt, including:

  • Photorealistic images: Very detailed and lifelike images of specific people, animals, objects or scenes.
  • Landscapes: Beautiful environmental scenery ranging from natural vistas to city skylines. Includes elements like mountains, forests, beaches, etc.
  • Conceptual/creative images: More abstract interpretations of prompts. Provides unique visual representations of ideas, emotions, characteristics etc.
  • Mashups: Combinations of elements from different contexts blended into one image. Like a “baby panda astronaut” or a “flower space rocket”.
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The quality and accuracy of generated images depends heavily on providing very descriptive and precise prompts. Including more details and context allows the AI to render images that closely match the requested visuals. Experimenting with prompts is key to unlocking the full potential of the image creator.

Here are the prompts you can try with the Bing Image Creator:

  • An astronaut riding a horse on Mars
  • A cute baby koala napping in a tree
  • A majestic lion with angel wings flying through the clouds
  • A platypus secretly agent wearing a fedora
  • A steampunk robot making pancakes
  • A vibrant underwater coral reef with tropical fish
  • A fairy forest village with glowing mushrooms
  • An ice cream sundae tornado topped with sprinkles
  • A friendly alien spaceship landing in Times Square
  • A cartoon ninja cat in a musical band
  • A futuristic electric self-driving car
  • The Eiffel Tower completely covered in blooming roses
  • The pyramids of Giza floating over a sci-fi city
  • A cute corgi astronaut bouncing on the moon
  • A delicious cheeseburger with tiny sesame seed fireworks
  • A cartoon raincloud creature sipping hot chocolate
  • The entire Solar System made of geometric gemstones
  • A cowboy riding a giant chicken into the sunset
  • A rainbow glitter unicorn swimming in a sea of cotton candy
  • Edible city with buildings made of cakes and candy
  • An octopus superhero in a steampunk mech suit
  • A pineapple house full of partying hamsters
  • A cheerful dragon blowing bubble gum bubbles
  • A flower warrior fighting against pollution
  • Santa Claus surfing a massive tidal wave
  • A friendly volcano serving donuts to tourists
  • A fantasy crystal castle floating amongst the clouds
  • A basket full of joyful singing puppies and kittens
  • Star Wars R2D2 as an organic real-life flowerpot
  • The surface of Jupiter with hot pink shifting cloud patterns

Art Styles and Movements as Image Prompts

Specifying different art styles is an excellent way to make the Bing Image Creator render beautiful, stylistic works of art. Here are some great art prompt ideas to try:

Impressionist Painting Prompts

Claude Monet painting of a Japanese footbridge over a water lily pond

Cubist Painting Prompts

Picasso cubist portrait of a woman with a hat

Baroque Painting Prompts

Dramatic baroque scene of Greek gods on Mount Olympus

Different Drawing and Illustration Prompts

The Bing Creator does an admirable job of mimicking drawing and illustration styles. Give these commands a try:

Pen and Ink Drawing Prompts

Pen and ink study of a bird in flight

Watercolor Painting Prompts

Vivid watercolor still life with fruit and glassware

Charcoal Drawing Prompts

Charcoal figure study of a ballet dancer

Photographic and Digital Image Prompts

Try these prompts for photographs, digital art, and other modern image styles.

Photo Collage Prompts

Creative photo collage about climate change

Fractal Art Prompts

Soothing pastel fractal shapes

Movie Poster Prompts

Vintage movie poster for a fantasy adventure film

Abstract and Surreal Image Prompts

Weird, dreamlike prompts are perfect for the Bing Creator’s strengths in abstract art.

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Surreal Landscape Prompts

Paul Nash style surreal moonlit landscape

Geometric Abstract Prompts

Blue and purple geometric abstract

Psychedelic Art Prompts

60’s style psychedelic vision with rainbow colors

Portrait, Character, and Figure Drawing Prompts

The Bing Creator performs remarkably well for unique character art.

Fantasy Character Portrait Prompts

Epic digital painting of an elf archer

Full Body Pose Prompts

An astronaut floating in space

Portrait Study Prompts

Photorealistic portrait study of a bearded professor

Still Life and Everyday Scene Prompts

Still life prompts make pleasing everyday images from the AI’s imagination.

Food Still Life Prompts

Detailed oil painting still life of various tropical fruits

Home or Office Prompts

A cozy New England style study

Street Market Prompts

A Parisian street market in springtime

Bing ai Image Creator Commands

Realistic Images

Create a photorealistic image of…

  • A family picnic in a green meadow on a sunny day
  • A bowl of fresh fruit on a wooden table
  • The Eiffel Tower at sunset with people around

Creative Images

Make an imaginative image that shows…

  • A unicorn running through a mystical forest
  • An underwater city with magic bubble towers
  • A cute baby dinosaur hatching from an egg

Amazing Scenes

Render an epic digital painting of…

  • Warriors fighting a fierce battle in a fantasy world
  • An astronaut floating in space near a nebula
  • The construction of an ancient Egyptian pyramid

Art Styles

Make a Cubist style portrait of…

  • A woman playing a violin
  • A group of jazz musicians

Create an Impressionist landscape of…

  • A peaceful lake surrounded by trees

Still Life

Show a colorful Pop Art still life with…

  • Donuts and coffee on a table
  • Tropical fruits in a ceramic bowl

Character Portraits

Generate a character portrait that looks like a…

  • Wise fantasy wizard with a long white beard
  • Fierce female warrior posing with a sword

Everyday Scenes

Render a photorealistic image of…

  • Friends enjoying coffee at a cafe
  • A rainy city street at night

Surreal Images

Make a surreal digital painting that combines…

  • A tea party under the sea
  • Giant robots racing sports cars
  • Abstract shapes and anamorphic bodies

Bing ai Image Creator Descriptive Commands

  • Visualize an intricate, sweeping landscape filled with otherworldly ruins and environments. Strange dual moons loom over the horizon, casting mystical light over the alien terrain covered in neon blue fungi and twisting alien flora. Colossal monolithic structures stretch towards an eerie green sky, intricate hieroglyphs carved over every surface, remnants of a long-dead advanced civilization. In the foreground stands a lone space explorer in a spacesuit, eyes wide as she takes in the wonder and mystery of these alien vistas laid out before her new discovery, dust and mist swirling through the empty alien streets. Compose this as a highly detailed, vivid matte painting capturing a sense of grandeur, atmosphere, and untold science fiction stories.
  • Envision a whimsical scene viewed through the portal of an old wardrobe, transporting the viewer to the magical land it conceals inside. A vibrant fantasy forest stretches out underneath dazzling watercolor skies, strange creatures dancing through the trees and mushrooms glowing with rainbow bioluminescence. A quaint little cottage with a straw roof stands tucked amongst the soaring colorful trees, cheery smoke puffing from a cobblestone chimney as a light rain drizzles over this mystical realm. Frame this digitally painted art work like a beautiful storybook illustration, emphasizing rich details that spark imaginings of wondrous secrets and adventures held within this Narnia-like realm. Compose lighting and colors to give an atmospheric, welcoming glow to transport imagination.
  • Now visualize a grand Victorian ball, aristocratic ladies and gentlemen waltzing through a baroque ballroom filled with crystalline chandeliers, golden ornamentations, and splendid archways leading onto moonlit balconies. Dancing couples dressed in elegantly ruffled gowns and sleek tailcoats are frozen mid-spin across the polished marble floors, strings and harps echoing through the resplendent space drifting with soft-lit candles. Standing near towering windows draped in red velvet curtains, servants offer trays of pristine champagne glasses that catch and fracture the warm ambient light. Illustrate this lavish scene with vivid oils and vibrant classical textures, lighting the dancers theatrically to convey aristocratic high society in all its romantic allure and timeless elegance.
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As you can see, the variety of imagespossible simply by prompting the Bing Image Creator is astonishing. From old master paintings to surreal fantasy worlds, still life arrangements to movie posters, the AI illustrates impressive creative range. Use these categories and examples as inspiration while creating your own unique Bing image prompts. Don’t be afraid to get weird and experimental—you never know what captivating scenes your imagination might generate!


What is the best way to phrase prompts for the Bing Image Creator?

Use clear, descriptive language in full sentences focused on the visuals you want to see. As if describing a scene or artwork to another person.

Do prompts need to specify a detailed art style?

Not necessarily – you can leave some creative interpretation up to the AI. But including an art style e.g. “impressionist landscape” yields more targeted results.

How strange and surreal can I get with prompts?

Feel free to get quite experimental and absurd if you want to make weird, dreamlike images. The AI can interpret things in surprisingly creative ways.

Can the Bing Creator illustrate complex scenes and compositions?

Yes, through descriptive language you can depict multi-layered scenes with several elements and characters. Just be specific in your descriptive visual details.

What prompt types tend to work best?

Creative scene descriptions and simulated artwork/photograph requests make the most reliably high quality images. Abstract and surreal prompts also excel.

MK Usmaan