Legit Apps that give you Free Money

Top 10 Legit Apps that give you Free Money

In the modern digital age, there are many apps that reward users with free money and other rewards just for using them. From taking surveys and playing games to shopping online and watching videos, these apps provide easy ways to earn a little extra cash from your phone.

Why use money making apps?

Money making apps offer a simple and convenient way to get free money quickly. Here are some key benefits of using these apps:

Easy to use

Most money making apps are simple to set up and use. Just download, complete your profile, and start earning. The interfaces are intuitive and easy to navigate.


You can earn with money apps whenever you have spare time, like waiting in line or commuting. Many apps also work on most iOS and Android devices.

Instant payouts

Many apps offer instant or same-day PayPal or gift card payouts when you meet minimum thresholds. Much faster than survey sites.

Passive income

Certain apps will pay you for leaving them running passively while you go about your day. This makes earning completely hands-off.

How much can you earn?

Payout rates and methods vary widely between apps. Most will earn you just pocket change, from a few cents up to $1-2 per task or offer completed. But with many apps available, your earnings can quickly compound to respectable sums. Testing different apps to see which offer the best payouts for your style takes some legwork, but maximizing your time across money making apps can become quite lucrative, with daily/monthly earnings from $5 up to $75+ possible.

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Detecting scam apps

Unfortunately, many fly-by-night apps appear in app stores promising easy money that never materializes. Learn to spot and avoid these scams with these tips:

Check app ratings and reviews

The best money making apps will have mostly positive user reviews and high ratings in app stores. Be wary of newly launched apps with no ratings or reviews.

Research the company

Google the name of any unfamiliar apps. Scam apps typically have no history or online presence outside the app stores.

Avoid “easy money” hype

Apps promising inflated earnings for simple actions like installing other apps are usually scams working off kickback schemes. Stick to apps with reasonable, modest claims.

Never pay upfront

Avoid any apps asking for payment or excessive personal details before allowing you to earn.

The top 10 legit money making apps for 2023

Based on market research and user reviews, here are 10 legitimate, high-earning apps (in no particular order) that we recommend trying in 2023:

1. Survey Junkie

Highlight: One of the most popular survey taking apps with over 100,000 new surveys monthly

Survey Junkie lets members take surveys in exchange for cash via PayPal or gift cards. With short surveys on all topics paying up to $50 each, it’s one of the best survey apps in terms of variety and earnings potential.

Visit Survey Junkie website

2. Drop

Highlight: Earn when you shop with major brands

Drop is a rapidly growing app that gives you cash back rewards and gift cards just for shopping at places like Walmart, Target, Starbucks, and more. Link your credit/debit cards and earn instant rewards. Popular for its excellent user interface and reliability at tracking eligible purchases.

Visit Drop website

3. Mistplay

Highlight: Get paid to play new games

Mistplay incentivizes you to play new Android games with cash rewards. Download sponsored games, play for a specific time, and earn gift cards. One of the most legit apps that pay just for entertainment.

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Visit Mistplay website

4. Nielsen Computer and Mobile Panel

Highlight: Earn for sharing internet usage data

By installing Nielsen’s meter software on home computers and mobile devices, this app can track browsing and app usage anonymously. Nielsen recruits users into their analytics panels and pays several hundred dollars a year.

Visit Nielsen website

5. Swagbucks

Highlight: Cash back for surveys, games, shopping, and more

Similar to Survey Junkie, Swagbucks offers many ways to earn cash and gift cards through surveys, shopping, playing games, watching videos, and more. Lots of variety and offer walls. Rated highly for frequent special money-making promotions.

Visit Swagbucks website

6. Dabbl

Highlight: Micro tasks like taking photos for cash

Dabbl sets you micro tasks with instant payouts via PayPal, like snapping photos, testing websites, checking prices online, and mystery shopping. Flexible and fun. Rated as one of the most convenient earning options.

Visit Dabbl website

7. Field Agent

Highlight: Earn fixing store issues

Businesses hire Field Agents to visit local stores and check displays, prices, product availability, etc. Flexible gig allowing you to earn during errands. Each job pays a few dollars up to $12 for larger tasks.

Visit Field Agent website

8. AppKarma

Highlight: Get paid to try fun new apps

AppKarma rewards you for downloading sponsored apps, games, and completing app tutorials. Credits can be redeemed for various gift cards. Fun and easy.

Visit AppKarma website

9. Long Game

Highlight: Save and invest to earn stocks

Long Game incentivizes users to save money which can then be invested in stocks. As your portfolio grows, you earn stocks as rewards, allowing you to earn free shares over time through smart money habits.

Visit Long Game website

10. Achievement

Highlight: Cash for healthy living

Achievement lets you earn cash rewards for verified healthy activities like walking, running, tracking calories, sleeping, and more. Get motivated, earn up to $50 a month, and improve your health all at once!

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Visit Achievement website

Choosing the best apps for you

With dozens of legit money making apps to choose from, consider what types of activities appeal to you or fit your lifestyle when picking apps to maximize your earnings. Trying out multiple apps also helps determine where you can earn the most. Don’t forget to cash out frequently to take advantage of instant payout thresholds.


Money making apps provide an easy way to pocket cash quickly in your free time without complicated online work. The apps above ranked as the top legit earning options due to high reliability, reputable backers, frequent payouts, and positive user feedback. Give them a try to start earning free extra money today!


Are money making apps worth it?

Yes, the top legit apps can provide an easy way to earn free extra cash conveniently on your phone without much effort when you have spare minutes here and there. While no get rich quick scheme, they can offer a steady trickle income.

What app pays the most money?

Among those above, Survey Junkie and Swagbucks tend to offer the highest earning potential with $100+ per month possible combining surveys, offer walls, games, and more. But every user’s experience can vary.

How do I get free PayPal money instantly?

Apps like Survey Junkie, Drop and Dabbl offer instant PayPal cash outs once reaching minimums, letting you transfer earnings to PayPal right away to spend on anything. Achieving instant payout thresholds does take consistent daily app use over time in most cases.

Can I earn real money playing games?

Yes, apps like Mistplay, Swagbucks, and AppKarma reward you with gift cards and cash for playing sponsored mobile games, providing a legit way to earn from game time. Just don’t expect to get rich; earnings max out at a few dollars a day.

Are receipt scanning apps legit?

Yes, apps like Drop, Receipt Hog, Ibotta and many more offer 100% legit cash back rewards for scanning grocery and shopping receipts you likely otherwise toss in the trash. Just link payment cards and snap receipts to earn instant gift cards. Easy!

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