Top 10 LCD TV Recommended Brands in 2024

The market for LCD (liquid crystal display) TVs is filled with options from budget models to high-end screens packed with the latest technology. With so many brands and models to choose from, it can be overwhelming trying to decide which LCD TV is right for your needs and budget. To help make your buying decision easier, here is our list of the top 10 LCD TV brands that consistently deliver quality, innovation, and value.

LCD TV Recommended Brands

What to Look for in an LCD TV

Before jumping into the top brands, let’s briefly go over what makes for a good LCD TV. Key factors to consider include:

Picture Quality

This is determined by resolution, contrast ratio, color accuracy, black levels, viewing angles, motion handling, and more. Aim for 4K or 1080p resolution, high contrast, accurate colors, deep blacks, wide viewing angles, and smooth motion.


Smart connectivity for streaming apps, number of HDMI ports, gaming optimizations like low input lag and variable refresh rate, user-friendly menus and remotes. Consider what features would suit your needs.


Choose established brands with good warranties and reputation for durability. Read reviews to gauge real-world reliability.

Audio Quality

Most thin LCD TVs have basic audio but soundbars can augment this.


LCD TV prices run the gamut. Know your budget but don’t assume cheaper means lower quality. Some budget models pack impressive specs. With those key factors in mind, read on for our recommendations on LCD brands to consider for your next TV purchase.

1. LG

LG consistently delivers innovative, high-performing LCD TVs loaded with features at reasonable prices. They push display boundaries with OLED-inspired NanoCell technology for enhanced color and black levels. LG LCDs also feature:

  • Excellent picture quality with dense Full Array Local Dimming zones (higher-end models)
  • Cutting edge gaming features like variable refresh rate and ultra low input lag
  • User-friendly webOS smart platform with comprehensive streaming apps
  • Advanced alpha 9 Gen 4 AI processors to optimize picture and sound
  • Dolby Vision, HDR10, and HLG high dynamic range support
  • Intuitive Magic Remotes with built-in mics for voice control
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LG LCD options range from budget-friendly to splurge-worthy 8K models but even affordable models like the LG NANO85 deliver gorgeous 4K images. For the ultimate LCD TV, go with the LG Z9 8K or step down to the LG NANO99 for a more wallet-friendly premium experience.

2. Sony

Sony rules the premium LCD TV space with their best-in-class X950H 4K model and the jaw-dropping 8K Z8H. Key strengths of Sony LCD TVs:

  • Unmatched picture processing with Sony’s cognitive X1 Ultimate processor optimized for 8K clarity
  • Next-generation full-array local dimming backlight with dense zones
  • Supreme motion handling, making them ideal for sports & action content
  • Acoustic sound innovations that eliminate the need for a separate sound system
  • Minimalist one slate design that keeps attention on the picture

With the authentically-Sony BRAVIA technologies working in harmony, even their more affordable X800H 4K TV delivers gorgeous pictures. For a sublime LCD entertainment centerpiece, check out Sony’s Z8H.

3. Samsung

As the top-selling TV brand worldwide, Samsung sets the pace with bold, brightly-lit QLED 4K and 8K LCD TVs enveloped in elegant designs. Strong suits include:

Vibrant Quantum Dot Displays

With fuller color volume that looks astonishingly lifelike and immersive.

Intelligent 4K Upscaling

Uses on-board machine learning to intelligently analyze and enhance HD/FHD to near-4K quality.

Tizen Smart Platform

Easy to navigate system with apps for every streaming service.

Object Tracking Sound+ (Q80T/Q90T and up)

Uses integrated speakers to tie audio precisely to on-screen visuals for a cinematic experience.

While their premium QLEDs like the 8K Q950TS or 4K Q90T cost a pretty penny, even lower-priced Samsung LCDs like The Frame or Q60T series perform admirably.

4. TCL

Offering unbeatable value, TCL has soared to become one of the leading LCD TV makers thanks largely to their affordably-priced Roku smart R625 and R635 models. Standout features include:

Stunning 4K Image Quality

Powered by QLED color technology and Contrast Control Zones for deep blacks.

Thoughtful Design Touches

Such as an auto game mode to optimize gaming.

Roku TV Interface

Intuitive and content-rich smart platform.

By concentrating R&D on key areas like backlighting rather than costly processors, TCL delivers exceptional 4K picture quality at prices competitors simply can’t match. For shoppers on a budget, it’s hard to beat TCL’s blend of performance and value.

5. Hisense

Another budget-friendly brand, Hisense makes quality LCD TVs loaded with premium features without the premium prices. Two models that impress:

Hisense H9G Quantum 4K ULED

Punching above its weight class with quantum dot color, full array local dimming zones, and 1000+ nits peak brightness at a fraction of competitor prices.

Hisense H8G Quantum Android 4K ULED

quantum color tech and comes packed with features including integrated Google Assistant.

Despite rock bottom pricing, Hisense still manages to shoehorn in the latest innovations like quantum dot nano-crystals for expanded color gamut and Android smart OS. If you’re looking for the latest display tech on the cheap, check out Hisense ULED lineup.

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6. Vizio

When it comes to value for money, Vizio gives even TCL and Hisense a run for their money. With picture-perfect displays and intuitive SmartCast smart platform, Vizio is a rising force. Reasons to consider them:

Picture Performance Punches Way Above Price Class

Thanks to leading tech like quantum color and up to 160 full array local dimming zones.

IQ Processors Optimizes Picture Quality

Proprietary image processor leverages AI and machine learning to intelligently upscale HD/FHD content.

SmartCast OS Gets Better Every Year

Intuitive, app-rich platform now optimized for gaming thanks to variable refresh rate and an auto game mode.

With their commitment to undercutting competitor pricing while still delivering premium display and smarts, Vizio earns their place among recommended LCD brands.

7. Toshiba

After restructuring their TV business, Toshiba re-entered the US market last year with competitively priced Fire TV-powered sets. Two LCD models showing promise include:

Regza TRU Picture Engine 4K UHD Fire TVs

Models like 43LF711U20 with notable specs like quantum dot wide color gamut and Dolby Vision HDR.

50LF621U21 Fire TV

50-inch 4K model features DTS Virtual:X audio tech for immersive surround sound.

While still early in their TV 2.0 chapter, updated technologies like quantum dot displays and Fire TV smart platform make latest Toshiba LCD TVs worth a look.

8. Sharp

Known for professional-grade LCD panels, Sharp leverages that expertise in their consumer Aquos lineup with outstanding features like:

8K-Inspired Processing

Proprietary 8K image engine upconverts 4K/1080p content by analyzing every pixel.

IGZO Semiconductor Backplanes

Enable ultra high-density backlights with UHD resolution and wide viewing angles.

手Bravia Engine Processor X1

Top-tier processor optimizes clarity, color, contrast and upscaling.

With proprietary enhancements tailored for LCD like IGZO technology, Aquos LCD TVs render vivid, realistic images that pop from edge to edge. While limited availability keeps Sharp niche, their innovations push LCD performance forward.

9. Panasonic

Panasonic plasma TVs were long considered the pinnacle of picture quality before plasmas disappeared. Now their LCD game is catching up with outstanding OLED-inspired models including:

JZ2000 4K OLED Professional Edition

Flagship model designed expressly for rigorous color/contrast accuracy with Dolby Vision IQ adaptive HDR.

JZ1500 4K Pro Cinema Edition

HDMI 2.1 connectivity and filmmaker mode optimize for cinematic content viewing.

While their LCD lineup is limited compared to giants like LG and Samsung, Panasonic LCD/LED TVs focus ruthlessly on image fidelity rather than sheer size or specs making them ideal for home theater enthusiasts.

10. Hisense

Rounding out our top recommended LCD TV brands list is Hisense. While lesser-known than the big players, Hisense consistently impresses with premium-level features at budget prices. Key advantages:

Proprietary ULED Technologies

Including quantum dots for pure wide color gamut and full array local dimming zones for deep contrast.

Integrated Android Smart Platform

Gives access to full Google Play Store apps and Google Assistant baked right in.

HDMI 2.1 Across Lineup

Even entry models have cutting edge HDMI 2.1 ports enabling 4K 120 fps gaming.

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If you’re looking for a fully-loaded smart LCD TV on the cheap, Hisense ULED lineup brings the best innovations down to real-world prices.

What LCD TV is Right for You?

With such an expansive range of LCD TV brands, models and features to evaluate, the buying choice can feel overwhelming. Focus first on your budget, preferred screen size, any “must-have” features like gaming enhancements or streaming needs, then match those against the brands that excel in those areas.

Carefully compare specs between models using technical product reviews to gauge real-world performance since on-paper specs don’t always tell the full story. While flagship models from top brands promise an unmatched viewing experience, mid-range and even budget LCD TVs have closed the gap impressively in recent years. Determine what picture quality, features and price point combine to deliver the LCD TV ideally suited for your living space and entertainment needs.


The LCD TV landscape offers more diversity in features and pricing than ever. Hopefully this overview gives you a head start in determining which brand aligns with your priorities. While picture quality remains paramount, also make sure to consider smart connectivity, gaming capability, audio quality, aesthetics, and warranties. With our shortlist of 10 top-performing and reliable LCD TV brands in hand though, your chances of bringing home the perfect LCD for your needs goes way up.


Q: What is the difference between LED and LCD TVs?

A: The terms are often used interchangeably but the underlying technologies differ. LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) uses liquid crystals and a backlight to create images while LED (Light Emitting Diode) uses tiny LEDs to directly emit light and color. However, even LCD TVs now use LED backlights so the differences have blurred.

Q: Is a curved or flat LCD TV better?

A: Curved screens can make for a more immersive viewing experience but come with increased pricing and limited viewing angle. Flat panels work better for wide rooms with seating areas further off-center. Ultimately personal preference rules.

Q: Which LCD TV brand is the most reliable?

A: Sony and LG have excellent track records for LCD TV reliability and durability. While no brand is immune to technical problems, opting for established names with good warranties helps minimize the change of issues emerging down the road.

Q: How much should I budget for a decent LCD TV?

A: Thanks to market competition, even budget shoppers have quality options. Name-brand 55-inch 4K LCD TVs can readily be found for $500 or less. Stepping up to 65-inches, expect to budget $800-$1000 for feature-packed mid-tier models. High-end offerings still demand premium pricing with flagship 8K models ranging $5000+.

Q: What’s better for gaming – LCD or OLED?

A: The latest high-performance LCD TVs match and even outpace OLED in key gaming qualities like low input lag. Mini-LED powered LCD TVs with HDMI 2.1 offer stunning visuals and buttery smooth frame rates, ideal for gaming. OLED has perfect blacks but can face burn-in. For pure gaming, premium LCD/QLED TVs now have the edge.