Most Secure Luggage Locks

Top 10 Most Secure Luggage Locks in 2024

In the age of smart luggage and high tech travel gear, luggage locks have also become more advanced and secure. With innovative designs and sturdy materials, the latest generation of luggage locks aims to provide reliable protection for your belongings while traveling. Choosing the right lock can ensure your luggage stays shut and deter potential thieves from gaining access. The most secure luggage locks on the market today feature tamper proof combinations, durable metals like aircraft grade aluminum, and even GPS tracking in case your bag goes missing. Some also work seamlessly with smart luggage via Bluetooth connections.

We’ve researched and reviewed the top luggage locks of 2024 based on security features, design, durability, portability, and value. Read on for our picks of the 10 best secure luggage locks for keeping your bags and belongings safe wherever your travels take you.

Most Secure Designs

The locks on this list were chosen for their innovative security designs aimed at thwarting thieves and protecting travelers’ belongings. Features like alert systems, double bolts, and encryption make these our picks for the most secure luggage locks currently available.

Dual Combination Locks

Dual combination locks provide extra security by requiring travelers to enter two separate number combinations to unlock them. This dual authentication makes properly guessing the right code twice as hard, reducing the chance of unwanted access.

Tarriss JetSet Luggage Lock

With advanced security features like an alert system and dual combinations, the Tarriss JetSet lock aims to provide fail safe protection for luggage contents. If tampering is detected, an alarm will sound and the lock will become disabled. Two customizable combination codes offer enhanced defense against guessing. Made from zinc alloy and rated TSA 3-dial compliant, this lock is durable enough for airport screening. The battery even lasts up to two years before needing replacement.

Key Specs:

  • Dual combination lock
  • Tamper alarm and alert system
  • TSA 3-dial compliant
  • Zinc alloy body

Encrypted Combination Locks

Encrypted combination locks go a step beyond traditional 3-dial luggage locks by scrambling their numerical passcodes securely using algorithms. This protects against brute force combination guessing. Travelers must first enter a special key code to decrypt the lock’s scrambled combination before opening it.

Xavian x3 Encrypted Combination Luggage Lock

The Xavian x3 lock provides industrial grade protection with military standard encryption guarding its combination code from prying eyes. An advanced 36 bit encryption algorithm scrambles the combination, only revealing it once the encrypting key code is entered first. This significantly increases the difficulty of unlocking it without authorization. Available in a variety of colors including red, gold, and silver stainless steel, this lock is as stylish as it is secure.

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Key Specs:

  • 36-bit encryption lock
  • Password protected combination
  • Variety of colors/finishes available
  • Industrial grade security rating

GPS Enabled Locks

For added security and loss prevention, GPS luggage locks allow travelers to track their bags’ locations remotely using satellite connectivity. Should your luggage ever stray out of range or appear someplace suspicious, built-in GPS tracking lets you monitor its movements in real time. Some GPS lock apps even include bag proximity alerts that trigger when bags are moved without being unlocked first.

Trakdot Luggage Lock

Trakdot makes a TSA approved lock with built-in GPS tracking capabilities. Paired with the Trakdot app, this lock provides real time location monitoring should your bag ever go missing or end up somewhere strange like an unknown airport tarmac. It even lets you virtually “lock” your bag remotely when needed. Trakdot’s extreme durability makes it ideal for checking luggage prone to rough handling, and its 5 year battery life reduces the hassle of replacements. For constant GPS connectivity and loss prevention, Trakdot is one of the smost secure options available.

Key Specs:

  • Built-in GPS tracking
  • Remote locking/unlocking via app
  • Real time location tracking
  • 5-year battery life
  • Durable, weatherproof design

Bluetooth Enabled Smart Locks

Smart luggage locks equipped with Bluetooth technology provide advanced security features and connectivity. Via Bluetooth syncing, smart locks integrate with companion phone apps for versatile locking control and alerts. This allows travelers to do things like remotely lock/unlock from a distance or enable virtual proximity alerts if bags are moved out of range. Smart locks aim to make securing your luggage smarter and more convenient.

Away Bluetooth Smart Luggage Lock

The Away Bluetooth Smart Lock works seamlessly with Away smart suitcases via an easy Bluetooth pairing process. The lock then syncs with the Away companion app allowing remote locking/unlocking and proximity alerts from your phone. If the lock disconnects from your phone by more than 30 feet, you’ll get an instant alert. The app also shows lock TSA status and battery level. Sleek and TSA approved, this smart lock brings next level convenience and security through smartphone connectivity.

Key Specs:

  • Bluetooth enabled
  • Remotely lock/unlock via app
  • Proximity alerts
  • Integrates with Away smart luggage
  • TSA recognized/accepted

Most Durable Materials

Maximum security requires locks made of cut and crush proof metals designed to withstand brute force. Materials like hardened steel and lightweight titanium provide exceptional tensile strength to resist cutting. Aircraft grade aluminum brings durability in a lighter package. The most secure luggage locks use these ultra strong metals.

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Wordlock Clikset TSA Luggage Lock

Constructed using ultra strong titanium and engineered steel, this TSA accepted Wordlock lock provides exceptional resistance to cutting and sawing attempts. The manufacturer claims it has up to 80% more tensile strength than other luggage locks. Its unique Pushbutton Locking System lets you scramble passcodes for added security. Weighing just 0.3 ounces, titanium keeps it lightweight for travel while still protecting belongings with hardcore strength.

Key Specs:

  • Titanium and hardened steel
  • TSA recognized/accepted
  • Pushbutton code scrambling
  • Ultra lightweight (0.3oz)
  • Up to 80% more tensile strength

Non TSA Lock Alternatives

While TSA recognizes and accepts certain locks for airport screening, other high security locks are non TSA compliant due to restricted access. Travelers should weigh the pros and cons when choosing locks without TSA access. Upsides include greater security control and prevention against tampering. Downsides include possible delays, damage, or lock breaking during mandatory screenings.

Brinks High Security Trigger Release Lock

This rugged Brinks padlock provides maximum security using a heavy duty zinc/stainless steel body and double bolt lock protected by a 12 position dial. Its useful trigger release system lets TSA agents access and re-lock bags when needed without lock breaking or code sharing. TSA officers can release the lock by inserting a special tool, then you simply push the lock closed again upon arrival. It’s non TSA compliant but provides efficient mandatory access when required.

Key Specs:

  • Hardened zinc/stainless steel
  • Trigger release for TSA access
  • 12 position dial

Other Notable Secure Locks

While we chose our top 10 based on innovative security designs and durable materials, many other high quality secure locks exist. Depending on your priorities and preferences, alternatives like these may better suit your travel security needs. We recommend researching thoroughly before deciding which luggage lock meets your needs.

Master Lock TSA Accepted Dual Function Lock

This hybrid Master Lock model functions as both a convenient zipper lock and a secure padlock. Its adjustable sizing lets you tightly secure both zipper pulls and lock holes for maximum coverage. As a TSA compliant product, screeners have a master key for access when required. Note the product’s warranty doesn’t cover damage from TSA inspections. But with dual locking options in one device, it provides versatile strong security needing minimal space in a bag.

Tumi TSA Combo Lock

Known for luxury travel gear, Tumi also produces a robust combination padlock with TSA compliance for airport screening. Using zinc alloy, its sleek metallic gray body has a reinforced steel cable offering cut resistance while staying lightweight. Laser etched logo detailing looks sharp for discerning travelers who appreciate Tumi’s signature minimalist aesthetic. While pricey compared to other locks, devoted Tumi fans find it a stylish secure option.

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Key Specs:

  • Zinc alloy/steel cable materials
  • Laser etched Tumi branding
  • Sleek, minimalist look
  • Premium price


A luggage lock acts as a critical first barrier against theft, protecting your belongings on the move. While no product can guarantee absolute security, today’s most secure travel locks aim to provide travelers reliable protection using innovative designs to thwart thieves. Features like GPS tracking, encrypted locking, and cut proof exteriors make breaking into bags much harder. Choosing a lock made of durable cut resistant metals provides a sturdy deterrent to opportunistic thieves targeting bags. Opting for TSA accepted options additionally ensures airport security screeners can access contents when required without damaging locks. Models with integrated Bluetooth and GPS connectivity offer high tech loss prevention and alerts should bags go missing.

No one wants to discover belongings stolen or a broken lock upon reaching their destination. Investing in a quality secure luggage lock remains one of the best proactive measures travelers can take to protect their valuables while jet setting around the globe. The advanced, durable, TSA compliant locks above provide all around protection to reduce worries and maximize the security of your luggage contents.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are TSA-approved locks really necessary?

TSA approved locks let airport screeners inspect bags without damaging locks. This avoids problems later after inspections. However, for maximum security, some travelers accept the risk of delays that non-TSA locks may cause. Evaluate your priorities between convenience and control.

Which lock material is the strongest?

Materials like titanium, hardened steel, and aircraft grade aluminum provide exceptional resistance to cutting attempts. Titanium offers very high tensile strength while still being lightweight. Hardened steel resists sawing and resists more force than other metals before deforming.

Can bags with non TSA locks still be screened?

Yes, but TSA may damage locks breaking them open for mandatory inspections if no master key access. Relocking bags can also be inconvenient without master keys. Expect possible delays as agents access contents.

Do combination locks or key locks provide better security?

Both lock types have pros and cons. Keys can be duplicated while combinations can be visible. Most travelers prefer combos to avoid carrying keys. Digitally scrambled or encrypted combos offer enhanced security over basic options.

What technology features add extra luggage lock security?

GPS tracking, Bluetooth connectivity, proximity alerts, alarm/tamper systems, encryption, dual locking bolts, and smartphone app integration are some of the latest useful tech upgrades for secure luggage locks.

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